Build Up

When looked at the things I love to do and also compared it with what I wanted to do in life, I discovered that I like to build things. I was amazed at the finished product of something and want to know how it came about. I wanted to build people, make them better, be a positive influence on their lives and add value. Although I’m not a chatty person, sometimes shy and reserved, I found out that to build something great or build someone up isn’t so easy.
This is because to be able to build someone you have to first of all build your self.

1. You have to be strong enough to support them and also be humble. These are characteristics of a foundation. The deeper into the ground a foundation is the stronger it is to carry heavier concrete load.

2. You have to be ready to break people down. What I’ve learned from my career in building services consulting is that if something ain’t right you have to change it. That means breaking the walls to replace the damaged pipes. No matter how you try to the mistakes it will show later and the aftermath can sometimes be fatal. If you want to build someone you have to be ready to break them down. Tell them the truth. Tell them what’s lacking and in love work together to make things right.

3. If you want to build up anything its going to take time and a lot of effort. Like the word of God says before you build a house you have to consider if you have what it takes to complete it. You can’t change anyone only God can, so if you want to build someone up you have to be patient.

4. If you want to build someone up you cannot do it alone. Without the architect, I would not have mechanical services to render. Without the people who appreciate what I write my words would become extinct. From the beginning to the end of every project everyone has to work together to ensure a desired end results.

5. Closing the deal. A great idea can be just that, but it becomes a legacy when there’s someone to sustain that idea from generation to generation. When building someone up or perhaps even working on a project you have to ensure sustainability. Looking at it from the religious aspect, Jesus applied the principles of sustainability and we see a lasting legacy of his sacrifice today.

Building up is a lot of responsibility and everyone has a goal to build something or someone (Your children, your friends or a mentee) .
Hope you learnt something cool and new today? You can always share you views below and I also would be ready to reply you.
Love you.



9 thoughts on “Build Up

  1. Fredrick says:

    Lovely insights AdeAyo. I will like to believe I am a builder too. Love to build and repair/fix stuff .. People ..and the likes .. Only I haven’t gotten past “you have to be ready to break people down”. So, when you ALSO mentioned “…you cannot do it alone”, Just felt as if you were speaking to me! 🙂

    (Everyone outta be a builder…)

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  2. Sidney says:

    Cool write up…A particular line got me thinking on point 3, ” If whoever isn’t receptive…this doesn’t mean you shut out your love”. Been dating someone for a year plus and I refused to touch her because I wanted to obey God But somehow we kissed and touched but there was no sex. However, she is a Catholic and too religious but she isn’t a word Christian. So recently we had an argument about Mary cos I was trying to correct her and help “build her up” since I was interested in her but I just got more irritated as we argued…..I realized she was even more shallow than I was thinking. Don’t want to end up with a weak christian and she doesn’t understand my point and since we have kissed and touched ourselves haven’t we already defiled the bed? As I type now we don’t even talk anymore…I don’t even know why am typing this here…..I probably have shut her out. Great write up

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    • demiladeayo says:

      Thank you Sidney really appreciate you coming out to write this. That’s why we have to be careful about being intimate in relationships. I’ve been in situations like too where I wasn’t sure about the persons relationship with God but was intimate already. As I wrote before I started the reasons, you have to build yourself first it makes it easier for someone to submit to you if you’re grounded because people most times learn from our actions too. However it is a good things that you realize now that the two of you may not agree because two cannot walk together except they agree. You can continue praying for her and let her know where your disagreement comes from. You can also refer her to someone more spiritually mature. God bless you.


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