What I’ve learnt from working with people

1. You may not always be on the same frequency but always follow your instincts. 

Not just because I’m reading “Instincts” by Bishop TD Jakes but I agree that we need to follow our inner wisdom. It’s happened before that even when I alone thought something was right my colleagues had a completely different idea. It was so tempting to throw my idea out and go with what every other person thought so that I could be ‘safe’ but if I had done that I’d have ended up sorry. It doesn’t always turn out positive but it’s better knowing that the decision you made was yours rather than someone else’s. Your timing may not always coincide with that of your partner and two people working together may not have the same goals but follow your heart as long as your heart is right. You’ll know that your heart is right if you are in sync with God and His Word.

2. They may step on your toes but they can’t break it. 
Can you count the number of times someone has accidentally stepped on your toes (physically stepped on you and not figuratively) over the years? You’re still walking right? No one can get to you except you let them. It’s an emotional war indeed and it’s a common mistake to mix being emotionally mature with building brick walls around your heart and being emotionless. Constantly I learn the hard way that people would disappoint you the same way you unknowingly disappoint others but shutting people out doesn’t help anyone’s progress. A lot of time we loose opportunities because we handle out disputes wrongly and refuse to forgive.

3. No one can pay you but God. 
Very true. My music trainer made this statement one day during a session and it sounded so convincing that I also began to believe it. It became a theme in my mind that “no one can pay me but God”. This doesn’t mean I cross your legs at home and raise my shoulders because it is also clearly written in the word of God that ‘if you do not work you will not eat’. This just means that you should learn to value yourself because people will under value you. Working as an employee can be stressful and it’s easy to complain and do your own thing. But knowing that only God can pay you is knowing that the reward for your hard work and loyalty wherever you find yourself is more that just the approved nod of an employ Or a an increased pay check.

4. Honesty and integrity count for everything. 
Whatever is hidden today will be brought to light tomorrow and when that happens would people still see you as an honest upright person or deceptive con-artist. It’s always advised to live for the moment but we easily forget that there are consequences for the decisions we make. Someone is watching the dishonest move you think you can cover up and is either judging you or being discouraged. Whatever quick gain you might inherit can never buy back your integrity. Note also that the you hold in your hands the future of those that come after you so build a good character.

5. Build relationships not just ranks.
Making progress in life is not by stepping on people heads but by stepping on people’s shoulders. Most times we destroy our relationships for one victory or the other forgetting that we cannot celebrate a victory alone- that’s no victory at all. And like Kortney Jamaal Pollard also known as Mali Music said in his song “No fun alone”:

People often try to make it seem

That their success is individual

But what’s the point in even having dreams

If you got to celebrate all alone.

In companies and organizations everyone is rooting for a promotion but organizational policies have evolved over time and there’s only so far you can go if you do not have good people skills and team work skills. Besides you’ll be a lot happier knowing that someone’s got your back.

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