What to do with your LIFE 

You must have heard of the famous quote 'YOLO' which says You Only Live Once. This is true (Hebrew 9:27). Sometimes you lie down in bed and think "what can I do with my life?" Everyone wants to make it in life. Some people want to make a difference. Most times we know that we … Continue reading What to do with your LIFE 


What do you see?

  I stood in the bus and watched as the baby just kept smiling and giggling at everyone that passed. His eyes beamed with excitement at his new world. He looked just a few months old so I'm guessing he was just processing colours for the first time. He took in the light as opposed … Continue reading What do you see?


I was so excited to start my weekend by attending the Writers for Profit Workshop and indeed I was not disappointed. Meeting different writers with different messages and getting different ideas was something I needed to encourage me and help me be better. So I have nicely put together a very (very) short summary of … Continue reading WRITERS FOR PROFIT WORKSHOP EXPERIENCE