What do you see?


I stood in the bus and watched as the baby just kept smiling and giggling at everyone that passed. His eyes beamed with excitement at his new world. He looked just a few months old so I’m guessing he was just processing colours for the first time. He took in the light as opposed to being in darkness for nine months and literally not existing before then. I looked at him thinking soon enough he’ll probably be riding the bus too and have to push around people to get by. He will not be seating in the nice carriage for long. He won’t get everything he needs with just a slight cringe of his face. But he was a beautiful child and I love children.

That same day I got an assignment to take a picture of what I loved most about my surrounding and what captivated me. I immediately started to think about different things and started to compare environments. All I thought about fell around 3 words: cold; hilly and peace.

As I snuggled up to sleep at night, I remembered this child’s face and this simple but challenging assignment.  I noticed how not so often as adults we take note of our environment. We are simply concerned about getting by rather than sharing moments. I only started to recollect moments when I knew I had an assignment to submit. Not everyone but some people do the same. So you can say I’m speaking from my point of view and if you are anything like me you can relate.

But like all great men say, in engineering and in life generally, great things are achieved outside of ones comfort zone. The greatest ideas are thought of in the most unusual ways and places. Creativity is developed through exploring and some times focusing for a long time on something new and captivating. Do something you have never done before. Do not say no to new opportunities.

Sometimes your feet have to go where your mind doesn’t want to go but your heart will make room for you to receive the best. This gift of life is special so LIVE( Love, Involve, Visioning, Evolve).
Good morning!

God bless you!

Have an amazing day!


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