What I learned from watching Pixels 




Photocredit: imgflip.com


Ideas are formed in our minds over time and are as a result of our thoughts. What we think about is as a result of what information we receive. By Judging the quality of our thoughts we can either add value or not. But no information is completely lost but can remain dormant if not applied. 

While studying, soaking in all the information about climate change and its effect on our environment, a thought came to my mind. On one hand or rather with my two ears I was listening to music on my laptop and reading at the same time. It occurred to me how relevant this music is to me at this moment. However I thought if there will be any need for this kind of music in the future if sadly all our fears about global warming came to pass.

So back to the pixels movie. If you haven’t watched it, it’s about aliens invading earth from an idea they got from a video game. Totally crazy movie(and critics don’t like it) but I was able to learn from it. I didn’t get the idea right away but it came as I was studying.

Firstly we can learn from anything. As I stated earlier not all knowledge is irrelevant. The instructions parents give to their children might seem annoying at some stage but eventually form a foundation for their role in society. In school it feels as though most of the information given by our lecturers are irrelevant in the job field. But it takes wisdom to identify good counsel and good counsel can come from even the most unexpected places or people. Listening to and accepting such counsel will make you even wiser.

Secondly what may seem irrelevant now in terms of career might become relevant in the future. Taking a look at technology for example and how IT has really developed. These days the digital industry is booming and engineering which was once an ideal career choice is slowly being taken for granted. But the amazing thing is things can change so don’t take what you do for granted.

Another thing I’ve learned is that your family, friends and the connections you make are important.  They out rank the wealth, position or material resources you can acquire. In times of trouble it is who you know that counts more than what you have.

Lastly there is always a time and a place for everyone in this life. It’s easy to look down on yourself if you feel you’re not being recognized or acknowledged but it so important to believe in yourself if no one else will. Man can only take what man has given you but when God favors you or blesses you there is nothing man can do to take that away from you. I don’t think I learned that from pixels but it’s a true fact. Simply look to God for your desires rather than looking to man to solve all your problems.

In a world that’s changing socially, climatically and politically, the only hope you have is God and family (those who will stand by you, for you and with you). We learn every day, let’s not take it for granted.


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