The last post of the year is out!!!!. I can't believe it's just 2 days left and it's been a whole 363 days. Wow God is good! Cough* let me preach small! It's been a wonderful and fulfilling year. What I've learnt right is that God has me exactly where he wants me to be. … Continue reading TESTIMONY TIME 


Madness, Wisdom and the Purpose of Life.

King Solomon was a mad man! That was the first thing I thought as I read over the chapter of Wisdom. How could a man so wise say things that made absolutely no sense? Or am I the foolish one? There was one thing I could relate to however and it was the fact that … Continue reading Madness, Wisdom and the Purpose of Life.

Last Month Bants

....And it's DECEMBER!!!! (Bells Ringing; Chimes Chiming!) I'm really excited about the new year and I'm so grateful to God for 2016. I want to say a special thank you to my subscribers, followers, my friends and family. God bless you all and may this month be a glorious month for you. So this is … Continue reading Last Month Bants