Write to heal. 

Hiii! So it’s Monday, it’s the start of a new week and I’m excited to be writing again!!!!

Where was I? 

I was running. I actually battled with admitting it but I was running because it felt like what I had planned was not happening my way. Yeah, I’m stubborn and trust me it’s not a healthy living habit. But if you can relate to this please send me an email and tell me your story maybe we can share some truths.
So I’ve not had a baby before but I understand what postnatal depression feels like. When you’ve gone through so much labouring for something and when you get it you’re just too exhausted to appreciate it. (Be grateful!!)

Ayo, what are you talking about? 

Firstly, one big mistake you can make is not to plan!!! Remember the saying “fail to plan and plan to fail”. Well, that was me at the beginning of the year. I actually had a plan though which was simple finish school well and get a job! Simple and straight forward but there’s also the saying “write the vision and make it plain”

So, advice no 1: write your vision and don’t just stick it on your wall. Instead meditate, plan, seek and ask.

Family is foundational. We’ve all got friends who at some point cross the boundary of just being friends to actually being like family. It’s important to appreciate those people in your life that you can speak to and that you can share with.

Pastor Tandoh ( at Heart Church, Nottingham) said these words about the importance of family:




Families are devoted to each other no matter the circumstance. They share together, materially and spiritually. They support each other. As a family, it’s not a love you today, hate you tomorrow pattern. It is a life of constant rhythm (day to day) devotion. These are the people that are there with you when you’re struggling.

So, who is your family? Who can you confess to when you have to? Who can you draw strength from? 

It may feel like it’s taking you forever to recover but during that period never give up. It’s like being on life support and being aware that you’re incapable of anything at this point. It’s like being aware that the world is moving on around you but you’re stuck in your bed. It’s best to take that time to rest and build your strength, ready to fight back the moment you get on your feet. It’s about accepting your predicament and preparing a story that will encourage others like you. I was doubting a lot cause I was not doing school work for 12hours in a day. I was not moving at the pace as others were. I wasn’t getting job offers and had to manage more. But all these worries are exactly what they are- worries and comparisons.

Advice: If you believe in something so much keep fighting.
We need to watch ourselves, pray, sleep, and eat. We need to connect to our source of strength if not we are going to run out and it’s going to take a while to start up again.

Follow your instincts but back it with knowledge. As an entrepreneur and what I’ve learned from marketing and innovation, drastic decisions lead to drastic failures. Even Jesus says you need to consider your options before building a house! You need to observe and have knowledge of your market before investing in it. Sometimes it’s like you want to be the first one in, you’re so positive and so sure and you pick a scripture to back it up! You can follow your instinct for something but you need to be armed with as much knowledge to go after it if not you might just be setting yourself up to fail. Bishop TD Jakes explains this in his book, ‘Instincts’.

My experience with this came when I invested some money in a business that I thought was profitable. I had seen pictures online of people rocking the native attire abroad and I wanted to sell. I wanted to do business. But on getting there the weather won’t even let me wear my own native attire, how much more the customers I was seeking to capture.

Whatever you’re planning to do, research and research and ask questions. 

I’m taking this platform to tell you to plan ahead. You don’t have to carry the burden alone, that’s why you’ve got family. There is hope to fight another day because life is a process and all you need to do is to connect to your source of strength. Lastly, be prepared!

It’s never easy to admit that you didn’t do well at something but a friend told me “write to heal”. When you’re healed you have the strength to fight another day. Never take your healing process for granted no matter how long it takes.

Fix an appointment with me every Monday!! It’s a promise and if I go missing send me an email


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