Apple Pancake Inspiration

Today is Apple Pancake Inspiration Launch Day (A.P.R.I.L.) April is also my birthday month (just slipping it in there). I remember my first food recipe post on this platform which was about puff puff. This experience is definitely a success compared to that and I want you to really try this out.

So what’s this all about?





I used to make my pancakes by first adding the dry ingredients and then the wet ingredients (like milk, egg e.t.c) but it ended up looking like crepes and not fluffy the way I wanted it. So I learnt it a new way (inspiration from my Kenyan friend). I am sure most people do it this ‘new’ way already, but if you don’t, I am happy to be the pioneer of your new pancake mix.

So the simple trick is to add the flour at the last stage and not mix everything jambajantis together like I used to.

Another question you might be asking is why apples? Well, you can use anything really. My personal favorite is a banana, but most people use blueberries, white chocolate, raisins e.t.c. It depends on what you like. Also, apple was the ideal choice for my APRIL acronym.

Here is what you need (7 servings):

1 Cup  Self-Raising Flour

2 Tablespoon Sugar

1 Egg

Pinch Salt

1 Teaspoon Cinnamon

1 Apple

Liquid milk (I use Nido and then add warm water)

1 Tablespoon Oil

Here is the process:

Okay so I don’t exactly measure all my ingredients and I don’t know how to quantify pinch in baking terms if there’s anything like that but you can choose to trust me (take a leap of faith).


leap of faith


Chop the apples into very small dice ( so that it does not stick out of your pancakes like large cubes) in a pot and add some sugar ( I do not like mine too sweet because I add syrup at the end). Add some water and boil till the apples are soft enough and the water is evaporated. It will be like a sticky paste.

In the mixing bowl add your oil, cinnamon, egg and milk. Mix well. Then slowly add the flour as you mix until you have a thick consistency. Stir the apple paste into the mixture.

I add the apple paste last because the apples are chunky and would not allow the flour to mix well if added first. However, for banana pancakes, I add the bananas first because it is smooth.
Heat the pan (not too hot) and add the paste. Be careful not to over brown your cakes so after thirty seconds flip over.
That is all. It’s absolutely yummy!!!


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