Get Ready

We are one week into the month already but still HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!!

Can’t believe we just have one month to go, honesty 😢

Speaking of a new month, God laid a new theme for the month on my heart and clearly from the title of the post it is -Get Ready!!

I am sharing this because I believe this is not for me alone but someone out there reading this needs to get ready for what God is going to do. Now it might not be a rosy month but there’s peace after every storm.

I was listening to an audio message by one of my Pastors, Pastor Malcolm (Heart Church), in the series on Order.
He gave this illustration using his son as a reference and he said:

“This week I got a phone call from my youngest son and he said dad my car is overheating. I was like oh no and he said it’s alright I am going to get to work. So, he gets to work and he discovered that there wasn’t much oil in the car.

Joe said to me, but dad the warning light isn’t coming up or anything… I had a real dad moment and said to him… ‘If there is one warning light you do not want coming on, it is the oil warning light, because that is just before death…’

When that light comes on you have to pull over – do not go anywhere. Part of this series is about helping us not to leave our lives reacting to the warning lights on our dashboard but putting things in place that stops the warning lights coming on in the first place…”1

Listening to this made me laugh because it reminded me of what we call “ENGINE KNOCK” in Nigeria.

Listening to this also emphasized God’s message for this month which is- GET READY.

I woke up on the 1st of November with joy in my heart for what God was going to do for someone this month. I sent prayers to my family and friends to encourage them as well. But believe it when looked up what the figure 11 stood for in biblical terms it was not encouraging.

“The number eleven is important in that it can symbolize disorder, chaos and judgment.” 2

This immediately brought my mind back to Pastor Malcolm’s message. Experiencing Order in your life is something that you have to prepare for. You have to be ready with the oil in your lamp

Remember the story of the 10 virgins. At some point it seemed like the wait was never going to be over and the bridegroom wasn’t coming as planned. But while some foolishly slept and allowed their lamps to go out some made sure that they had enough oil.

Back to using cars as examples- it’s like planning for a journey. The distance is long and you might at times want to park and get some rest. But there’s a difference between parking because you want to gather strength and parking because the car is dead. The latter means you’re not getting to your destination unless the tow truck comes.

A series of events have taken place that has made it clear that this month is a month of preparation for something glorious. And at times before glory there is a ‘story’.

Some people have experienced, are experiencing and will possibly experience some certain storms this month. The thing to fix your mind on is that peace is following, joy is right behind and victory is going to burst through the clouds for you.

(Coincidentally Evangelist Gboyega Shitta made reference to this point in his sermon ‘Drawing Strength’ 5/11/2017) Don’t lose your strength and even if you feel like you’re fainting, God will renew your strength. If you’ve lost your strength completely then God can revive it and even carry you (synonymous with tow truck rescue)

How can we get ready?

During the November Holy Ghost Service, Pastor E.A. Adeboye preached on Victory Ahead. In His sermon, there are certain points that he gave on how to prepare (get ready) for the Victory Ahead. He mentioned worship, prayer, total obedience, giving and restitution (Hallelujah Challenge people give a waver).

There are certain things you’re going through now and it is important to ask God what to do to scale trough the hurdles. If it is a re-occurring challenge, then is it that you have to restitute from something or God is guiding you somewhere and you’re totally ignoring it???

Victory is definitely ahead of someone this month and one of the keys to tapping into that is being ready to receive it and being ready to be used by God.









2 thoughts on “Get Ready

  1. YINKA THOMAS says:

    Adeayo Congratulations all the way! How are you keeping your mum busy??! Thanks again and God bless you Are you around for Xmas😂😃😉😏 Regards


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  2. Dzukey Gabriel says:

    Getting ready, wow am blessed , just after reading this post noticed some of the signs personally for this month already and have a new perspective now. Thank you Sister Ayo.

    Liked by 1 person

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