Whooh I can’t believe it’s the first of February!!

happyHappy new month everyone.

So, January was an interesting month: A month of goal setting and planning, new resolutions and everything new. I learnt a lot in January, many new lessons and old mistakes.

A friend of mine wrote on her status “Thank God the ‘year’ of January is over”

At first, I thought it was an error and then she explained to me that January was a long month. LOL

It probably was but all I can think of is wow, it’s February already and before we know it the year will be over and the whole ‘all things new’ cycle begins again.

From my previous post, I mentioned that we should not start the year on an “anything goes” principle but set down rules and goals that we hope to achieve and watch our gardens grow and I hope that’s what we are doing.

Speaking of gardens growing, it’s amazing what happens to a seed when it is buried in the ground. I am sure you have heard this topic many times, but it is always an amazing topic to revisit.

It reveals to us how important the things that are not seen are and how it affects the growth of a thing.

The seeds we plant, the decisions we make, the secret struggles and pursuits of our goals, no one will really know unless they pry into our lives or are really close to us, but eventually, one day, they see the results.

It is the same with the iceberg theory where the traits, attitudes and success we see in a person’s life is only 20% of who the person is while the remaining 80% of what we do not see makes up the core strength of who they have become. That is their experiences, hard work, sacrifices, failures etc. The iceberg theory originally introduced by Hemingway was reflected in his writing style of projecting simple things that have a deeper meaning because he believed the deeper truth of a story should shine through implicitly [1]. However, this theory is applied in success, in creative thinking, business and in life generally.

This brings me to one of the interesting topics I have learned this month and that is about FOUNDATIONS.


Sitting in the adult congregation and listening to Pastor Taiwo speak was like those spoken word moments when you snap your fingers. Here are some points I took home with me:

Never take things with surface meanings. Jesus Christ always addressed comments made by those around him by going first into the real reason why they asked and what God had said first about such situations. Always go to the root/ foundation of a matter if you really want to tackle and be rid of a problem. Let’s take the tomato root rot disease for example, back to gardening, the symptoms are only seen on the tomato only after the disease has done its work and destroyed the plants [2]. We live in a world that is governed by spiritual laws. The things that are not seen are eternal.

Every fall and every stand are because of your foundation. It determines how high we rise and how quickly we fall.  Our youth pastor called it compounding defects. Any mistake you do not fix in the foundation will only get worse as you build. God showed me that I had still not dealt with some foundational issues as I found myself reacting the same in some situations that I thought I had overcome.

According to Matthew 7:27, there are three things that will test the strength of your foundation: the rain, the wind and the flood. This is how you know how strong you are. These can come as different challenges. If the life you have built crumbles under these challenges, then it means that there were some fundamental building blocks that were omitted. These challenges expose our true nature (bad character, ignorance, greed, immorality, pride and arrogance).

God will not build on a faulty foundation.

We have seen what can pull a spiritual foundation down, but what can also keep one standing?

You can learn a lot from being in the teenage church and I learnt that as Christians there are certain ‘sintuations’ that we ought to stay away from so that we do not get influenced into living a life associated with the ‘old man’ and hence damage the foundation that we have built in Christ. Also, … Love covers the multitude of sin (1 Peter 4:1-8).

I was discussing with my friend the other day about the scripture and what it means. It boils down to the fact that there are decisions we will make or not make when we love God and we love our neighbors.

Pastor Taiwo explained that dwelling in the presence of God and studying the word, illuminates our path such that we see clearly the things we ought to and not to do to remain standing. Only when we do this (pass this test) can we truly walk in the purpose that God has for us.

Our Youth Pastor puts it this way, when making a cake, you have all your ingredients; flour, sugar, milk, etc. but what really holds it all together is the binding agent in all this which is the egg. Just as there are different things that can destroy a foundation or show that a foundation is faulty, there are also different things that can sustain or strengthen a foundation. You can have the moral characteristics to excel in life but there is one that is most important which is love and where is love? -in God.

This is a sermon, not a blog post. I never expected it LOLyay

But if you make it to the last full stop then you are going away with at least one thingsermon

Foundations can be repaired. Only through challenges do we identify faults and are able to fix them. Love is the binding agent just as cement is a concrete binder, without which the foundation cannot stand (Colossians 3:4 – And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.).








[Image 1]The Chapel:

[Image 2]1st line Global:

[1]Baker, Carlos (1972). Hemingway: The Writer as Artist (4th ed.). Princeton University Press. ISBN 0-691-01305-5.

[2]Smith, C. (2018). Tomato Root Rot Due to Rain. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 Feb. 2018].


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