…Did you know?

Sooo Christmas is tomorrow ooo..

Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for being a part of this wonderful blog throughout the year!!!

I really want to know what everyone is up to for the holiday season! Traveling? Family time? Parties?? (Leave a comment)

Well, one thing I love about Nigeria is that we are the best at celebrating holidays. We take days off for a lot of things and when we plan to celebrate, we plan it big because your friends will bring their friend’s friend and you don’t want to run out of food!!!!


I was discussing with my Aunt yesterday (Pastor Ayo Olayiwola)  and she mentioned how her friends never spend Christmas in England. ‘Nothing will make them! They’ll have to go back home!’ She said.

The reason being that it’s such a massive contrast to our present condition. The British holidays in the year are 13 compared to Nigerian Holidays which are 29!!!!! And if an important date falls on a weekend best believe Nigerians are taking it back on Monday!! Also, on Christmas day, the roads will be busy especially in Lagos where there are church celebrations followed by house parties! But, in England, everything shuts down o!!

We went shopping on Sunday and this wonderful man had stacks of food in packs of 3s and 4s. Perhaps he had family over or just to avoid food shortage on the ‘no shops open’ Christmas holiday during the week.  The funny this is expiring date will be the 28th of December. If the food does not finish it’s going to waste. That cracks me up all the time about grocery shopping!

So, folks, I’m working today! My parents in Nigeria were telling me sorry. The temptation to grumble is very high. In fact, I tried to get away with a holiday, but it did not work.

But while pondering on this wonderful ‘Christmas Eve’ I thought of the shepherds watching their flocks by night. Jesus was born but they didn’t stop their duties. Instead, they took the sheep with them to the Manger!! I mean who would they have left the sheep with 👀👀 (Thinking face)

In this I was able to pull 2 things:

1 We still have a duty to guard the sheep! Jesus House UK Carol service was wonderful and the message of the little drummer boy opened my eyes to the fact that shepherds never leave their sheep behind. They are natural at caring for their sheep and they always go after the lost. We have people we care for. We will always have responsibilities. This will require us to do some work and it will require some sacrifice. This may include being there for a friend or family in need. Helping out to set up the decorations or simply going to work and being awesome (like me).

2. Our work and responsibilities do not defeat the purpose of the season which is to Glorify God. Being at work or at home does not limit the chance to witness. This was one of Dr. Onuzo’s points from yesterday. Witnessing is more than being moral. It is speaking and proclaiming Christ. I shared on the Whatsapp Status yesterday ‘Whose version of Mary did you know’ is your favorite?’ and a lot of people have various choices. At the end of the day, the lyrics of the song is the same just sung differently. The same way the ‘Good News’ of Christ birth is the same but we all have our own imprint on the way we share it with people.

The wonderful thing about Christ’s birth was actually what he was to accomplish some 33 years later- that he was one day to bear the sins of the world!!

This was what the baby born on that day was to do for us. So we celebrate his life

And we also celebrate our lives in Him as well! (So it’s also my birthday!!!)

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!!!!!


2 thoughts on “…Did you know?

  1. Fredrick Bulus says:

    What I’m I doing for Christmas?? 🤔🤔

    I guess trying NOT to work and staying out of trouble (for not working) Lol.

    You made a very valid point though and many times we get carried away by all the celebrations and good cheer that we forget these crucial things. Witness .. Love .. share.

    Thank you once again.


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