'Raindrops' is a short story co-written by myself and a friend of mine. His website link is ----> https://uniquedavies.wordpress.com/ Please visit his page. Also, make sure you like both posts.😉   'Raindrops' Your actions are like a raindrop; it falls into the pond making ripples and then its over. -Sarah Dessen     The sound … Continue reading Raindrops


Consuming Fire Sweet Perfume

Sometime before Christmas, I got a gift from my 'secret Santa' that included a sleep mask, pillow spray, bath foam, lotion, and scented candles. The song 'Bow Down' by Bishop Paul Morton had been on my mind for a while. These exact words playing over and over - Consuming fire, sweet perfume Your awesome presence … Continue reading Consuming Fire Sweet Perfume

Something borrowed and something new

In a haste, while looking for what to wear to work on the last day of December 2018, I decided to wear a shirt a dear friend of mine had lent me a few months back. She had convinced me to stay at hers although I did not plan for it and I had nothing … Continue reading Something borrowed and something new