Something borrowed and something new

In a haste, while looking for what to wear to work on the last day of December 2018, I decided to wear a shirt a dear friend of mine had lent me a few months back. She had convinced me to stay at hers although I did not plan for it and I had nothing to wear the following day. It was a very simple and comfortable plain shirt. The deal was not to hold on to the shirt forever, but it turned out that way as I am yet to return it (she understands).

As I put on my borrowed shirt this title came to mind. I had determined to wear a new shirt I bought on New Year’s Day.

I had also planned to use a new toothbrush. So, when I went to London in the last week of the year, I had my new toothbrush. Sadly, I left it in London. But I had my old toothbrush waiting for me in Leicester, so I used it on the last day of the year.

I spent the first day of the year at my aunt and uncle’s place in Leicester and funny enough I forgot my toothbrush at home again, so I got a new one!! Borrowed and new!

There are some other things I’m borrowing from 2018 like this wonderful scripture that is a blessing and a promise to me

It reminds me that God is always there as a friend, a father, a counselor and a comforter.
One of the prayer points at the watch night service was “I will not break down this year 2019”. This resonated with me because I felt overwhelmed a lot of times last year. My friends and I joked about it and called it ‘being an adult’. But we made it and will continue to make it. The above scripture is a powerful word to anyone experiencing the same.

My Bible chapter for the year 2019 is Psalm 34! It’s not only a comforting chapter but it’s also full of instruction and guidance to success.

Speaking of success- I feel strongly that God has marked this year for glory. It is going to be a year of hope and glory in Jesus name.

Welcome to the new year!



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