…Welcome to the 21st

I have been watching this tv show on Netflix called ‘Travelers’.

I am a sci-fi and action kind of girl, so Netflix added it to my suggestions list, and I decided to try it. Frankly, it’s just entertainment, but I love it, and most importantly it taught me a few things.

I apologize in advance for any spoilers. As a summary, it’s about people from the future who get transferred into the consciousness of individuals in the 21st century who are on the brink of death. The Director, who is the master AI programme, handles these transfers by calculating specific death events in the past (the 21st) and transferring the consciousness from the future to that specific point in time. The show is explained in a more complex way with algorithms that I don’t understand.

who is the director.PNG

So, what has the ‘Travelers’ taught me?

The future. The plan

A friend of mine invited me for Festival of Praise 2019 in Manchester. I am grateful for such friends because I would otherwise not have known about it. It was wonderful to praise and worship God with other people and, of course, great music.

Pastor Paul Lloyd of Victory Outreach ministered on the day and he said some things that immediately made me remember ‘Travelers’ but in a different way.

He started his sermon by saying “God places our future on our future. He always has a plan. Whoever owns your heart owns your life. Making progress is only good when you are progressing in the right direction”.

It sounded weird at first when I heard it. Then he explained that the God who knows the future is able to alter it for his glory. He gave a background of how he started out and how he would have ended up if he continued that way. Instead, God saved him and his future was completely turned around.

This explanation made me remember ‘Travelers’ because the Director was able to alter certain events in the past knowing the outcome in the future. He always had a plan and always had a team ready to complete a mission if the designated team failed.

another team.png



Although the director has incredible wisdom to know the precise moments to send a consciousness from the future to the past, the Director is only a machine.  Unlike our God he makes mistakes. Because he only works with reported information from the past, his calculations were sometimes wrong. To preserve the dignities of the families and loved ones, some of the historic deaths were not accurately recorded and the causes of deaths were covered up. There was no way of telling what went wrong in their lives that could have led to their deaths. As a result, a lot of Travelers ended up in hosts with very complicated lives.


One of my favorite songs is ‘Flaws’ by Kierra Sheard. It speaks of how God loves us with all our flaws. My mum told me about a book that a young lady wrote. It was about the trials of living with Albinism. She never asked for it and suffered a lot of discrimination, but this did not stop her from making creditable achievements and her book must have been a blessing to so many. We may have inherited genes we did not ask for or experienced an incident that left us defected. In whatever vessel or condition we find ourselves, God is always able to use us for his glory. Regardless of our family background or history, things can turn around for good. With God, nothing shall be impossible.

Little Children

One more thing I learned from the show was the Director’s use of children. If a Traveler possessed the body of an adult host from the past that host would die. Which was the reason the travelers were transferred into hosts who were going to die anyway. This is because the brain activity of an adult is too much to hold two consciousness. Children were more receptive.


What is it about the submission of little children that is so hard for adults? We have to be open to receive from God. He always has a plan, remember? There were many times the Travelers were about to make decisions that would have had detrimental consequences to the future they were trying to repair, and the Director had to send a message through a child to direct them. It’s hard to be as free as a little child, but it only requires us to surrender fully to God.

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 18:3


Every show has to have an antagonist and so does ‘Travelers’. There are rebels in the future who are trying to overthrow the Director because they see him as a machine and feel his plan is not going to work but make things worse. They have infiltrated the 21st as well. But the Director is aware of all their plans and always has a plan to stop them. God always has a plan to shield us from the enemy. He’ll send help, he’ll expose their plans, or he’ll override them.



Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent

With the Director’s ability to do all of this, there were times he himself needed saving. God is the uncreated creator. He certainly does not need anyone to save him.


God has eyes everywhere and does not need a man to help him to see.


God is also all-knowing. He knows the end from the beginning. He always has a plan (‘The future. The plan’).

For, “Who can know the LORD’s thoughts? Who knows enough to teach him?” But we understand these things, for we have the mind of Christ.

1 Corinthians 2:16 NIV


One of my favorite quotes is in Billy Humphrey’s Book ‘To know Him’

God has placed us in the arena of life with a loaded set of circumstances, all of which continually beckon to us of Himself. Like walking through an art gallery, admiring the handiwork of the masters displayed on pedestals and in portraits, all the channels of life declare the knowledge and nature of God. He made everything to tell us about Himself.

When I’m able to learn of how majestic and incomparable God is from something secular, it feels me with awe.

As the ultimate Director, God is always working things out for our good. He is not a man-made machine and hence is not subject to failure. God is eternal – was in the beginning and will always be in the future. He has never failed and will never fail. Who would you rather put your trust in, the Director or The Director?



4 thoughts on “…Welcome to the 21st

  1. Fredrick Bulus says:

    Phew! So I must confess I’m only reading this post now .. and for that I’m very sorry. I didn’t want to get spoilers to the show I was still watching. 🙈🙈.

    However, this was well written and thought of. It’s amazing how the travelers trusted and had faith in an AI program (with no emotions and feelings) written by a human.

    If only we could emulate that total dependence and belief in God who not only was created by No one or anything, but also is all knowing and all present .. and has our best interest at heart .


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