The Umbrella Academy

Hey guys, it’s been raining so much lately, and ‘umbrella’ has been on my mind a lot. I bought an umbrella on Saturday because I misplaced the one I had. I also just finished the first season of this tv show called ‘the Umbrella Academy’

My last post was about the ‘Travelers’ which was a show I was watching at the time. If you have not read it, you must. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or simply liking it. I know some people did not finish reading my last post because of scene clips and spoilers so I won’t put any in this. However, they still have not finished watching ‘Travelers’. You know yourselves. If you’ve watched and enjoyed ‘The Umbrella Academy’, like this. If you have not, it’s a suggestion from me. It has a lot of lessons.

As a summary, ‘The Umbrella Academy’ is about a group of children with special abilities. They get adopted by this genius man and live in this big house called the umbrella academy. As their abilities differ so do their personal issues. From a young age, they are trained to save the world but their understanding of this is seen as a punishment. They feel their Father is a wicked man who does not love them and only wants to experiment on them.

One day I was on the bus coming home. I was thinking about the future and praying about my children. I heard myself pray ‘Lord please keep my children under your umbrella’ and I remembered this show.

The umbrella children grew up to have so many issues (drugs, anger, marital problems, mental issues) because they never felt loved by their father. They did not have a good father figure.

Most parents want what’s best for their children. I say most and not all because I saw on the news the other day how a Father arranged an acid attack on his son in London.  That is so disheartening. We may not know how to go about child training and our best attempts can push our children away.

As an umbrella serves as a covering in strange weather so are parents supposed to cover their children. An umbrella with holes or that is not strong cannot be relied on. We influence some of the decisions our children make when they grow up. I’m speaking as a daughter. The Bible says, train up your child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart it.

The KJV version does not say good training or bad training but we know it’s referring to good training. Any training, good or bad, becomes hard to break away from because it becomes a habit. My parents trained me to always ask people how I can be of service and till date it is something I find myself doing.

I was speaking to a friend of mine about ‘Super Story’. It’s a popular soap from Nigeria. I described the advert where the man tells his son to jump from the roof of the hut and that he’ll catch him. The son is not sure, but the father reassures him. Eventually, the son jumps and the father steps aside, so his son falls to the floor. The lesson, the father tells his son, is not to trust anyone, not even him.  This idea has been engraved in our imaginations and has made a lot of Nigerian’s so untrusting.

The safest and surest covering for our children is under the umbrella of Christ. Proverbs 22:6 says ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.’ In John 14:6, Jesus said that he is the way. If we walk in the way, then we find the truth. Knowing the truth brings freedom and freedom brings an abundance of life.




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