Help! I failed my driving test!


Help! I failed my driving test!

When I got home and fell unto my bed, I felt so drained.

So rather than sulking and crying about it, I decided to channel all that energy (not that I actually had any) into writing this post.

dry tears

What were my faults

  • Observation
  • Hesitation
  • Timing

I was guttered when the man looked at me and said, ‘I’m sorry to say but….’

My animated mind started screaming ‘noooo!!!’


But that was because I was thinking of the extra pounds I’ll have to pay to write the test again.

My instructor looked at me and gave me his ‘I told you so’ lecture.

The truth is I had been listening to him all this time. In fact, his voice shouting at me made me rethink a lot about my life over the weeks of my driving lessons.

These faults were not just affecting my driving, they also controlled the way I live and responded to things daily.

I would not call myself a perfectionist, but people will say I am determined. However, being determined and focused are not the same. I overthink and second guess a lot. Even after taking a decision, I often beat myself up. I think of ways I could have done better. I pride myself in being observant. However, what use is observing if I am too slow to react.

I know my faults, but I need your help. How can I win the battle of indecision and hesitation?



Experience, they often say, is the best teacher. Practice always makes perfect.

My take-home message

  • Focus
  • Prudence
  • Bold Steps

Focus goes beyond seeing. It is digesting the information and expanding your peripheral vision. See beyond your current position.

Prudence is about making good judgment. Once you’ve seen what’s ahead, and you are going for it, plan effectively. Be precise.

Take a bold step in the direction you want. Having analyzed and planned, plunge forward in victory. Still being prudent and having good judgment of course.


decision 2


Bad experiences aren’t all that bad. We learn from them. We inspire others because of them. We eventually rise from them. 



One thought on “Help! I failed my driving test!

  1. Fredrick Bulus says:

    I love that you’ve been able to channel this “bad experience” into this wonderful piece. Bad experiences, good experiences .. there’s always something to learn from them.

    I’m pretty sure you’ll kill next time. God’s got you. 🙂

    **Big hug**


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