Like David, I love to put my thoughts on paper

I reflect on the things that go on in my life and on God’s presence through it all and I turn it into a song:

Thank you, Lord, for daily loading me with benefits

For blessing me.

Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy;

Your incomparable love.

Thank you for the benefits I can see and those I can’t see.

When my flesh tempts me to focus on the quantity of what I have,

I thank you for your Spirit that probes me to focus on the quality.

My steps are ordered by the Lord.

I walk by faith and not by sight and if I believe that then every step I take pleases you.

I thank you, Lord, because you remind me of your blessings.

True – the easy way isn’t always God’s way

But God’s way will give me rest and not stress.

Though this road seems uneasy and though my heart compares, the blessing is in the now.

David was a shepherd boy. Like a normal shepherd boy, I would have given anything to be in the palace. That was my dream. I didn’t want to be the last son who got bullied and stayed with sheep all day.

I made the best of my situation and God anointed me.

I made it to the palace and then I envied the shepherd.

But my experience as a shepherd was not lost. It made me learn more about you. The Lord my shepherd.

I was a fugitive king with no place to lay my head.

But even as a king I learned about you. The ruler of heaven and earth.

The higher up we go the air gets thinner. We get a different kind of company than we are used to. It gets more beautiful. It also gets darker.

Every new height has its challenges and its beauty. We will experience both.

That is growth.


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