Watch Your Highway

Happy new month!!!

It is the second month of the year and it’s amazing how time flies. bird

When I think of February, I think of double blessing. I think of a second chance. I pray you surpass the exceptions of January, but you need to be intentional.


Watch your highway.

I repeat watch your highway!

Don’t allow broken vehicles block the free flow of your progress.

 Don’t allow broken people keep you from accomplishing your goals or reaching your destination.

Watch your highway.

Accidents happen and they often create other problems.

Don’t dwell on the problem. Clashes happen. Crashes happen. Be wise.

Secure your highway.

Patrol it.

Get rid of lawless people. Take their license.

Don’t give them room to misbehave on your highway.

Light your highway!

A lightless highway is dark and dangerous.

You can easily get hurt.

People that are connected to you get hurt.

Clean-up and clear-out.

Let those that need to run with you do so with clarity.

Without fear or restraint.

Rebuild your highway.

Invest in it and build with solid materials.

When you see the cracks, do not wait too long to repair.

Remove the potholes that hinder progression.

Don’t let them slow down your destiny helpers.

Watch your highway.

I repeat watch your highway!

Watch your heart.

It directs your life.

gaurds your heart





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