Help! I failed my driving test! (Part 2)

I wrote my testimony the day before I took my test.
Out of faith.
It was a tough journey for me – self-doubt, lack of trust and confusion.
I never viewed my driving test as a big issue or small issue because nothing was too big or small for God to do. I needed Him to do this and save me from the embarrassment of explaining to people why I failed my test. To save me from the constant frustration of driving instructors. To save me from spending so much money on this.
I needed to be over this hurdle and focus on the next thing to pray about.
So, I wrote my testimony on the bus home from work. I had initially planned to go to the gym, but I changed my mind.
While boarding the bus, my electronic pass failed to work. My app had logged me out and it was taking ages to connect to the internet. I felt embarrassed because the bus driver was waiting for me, but I couldn’t be bothered because I knew I had my pass. It just wasn’t working. I then started to wonder if it was God telling me that I had made the wrong choice and I should have gone to the gym.
Situations like this happen often when we come across a hurdle. We question if God is the one putting a restriction in our way or the devil trying to make us think so. We ask questions like what is going on right now? Why is this happening?
Such situations hurt. It’s disappointing and it’s frustrating.
But just as I confidently knew that I had my pass even though it didn’t quite appear so at the moment, I confidently know that nothing can separate us from the love of God. That is my focus. It should be yours too.
Maybe we go through these things so that we can be closer to God and rely on Him more. So that we know that it’s not about being smart or working hard.
Maybe we go through these things so we can encourage someone out there not to fear. Not to give up.
There were so many what-ifs. So many ‘why did’ and ‘why didn’t I’ moments but in the end, I’m not omniscient. God is. What I can do though is have faith, trust and listen.
So, I’m sharing my testimony. Although I didn’t pass my test. But I’m alive to try another day 😄.
Don’t give up!
(The content of this post was written the day before the test. After I failed my test and re-read this post, I noticed the last sentence- Don’t give up. This was an uplifting note not initially intended for me because I assumed I would have passed before publishing this. However, be encouraged by these words.)

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