Energy Saving Tips During COVID-19 Lock-down.

I’ve noticed somethings during this lock down period that I’ve unconsciously been doing and I’m guessing I’m not the only one.

We are practically required to stay home 24/7 which means we are going to be running our bills more than we would usually do if we went out to work during the day or just simply didn’t have stay at home all day.

The government has not proposed any new regulations stating that our bill costs should be reduced although payment plans are in place for workers where the government pays 80% of wages under certain conditions.

What this means is that your bills still need to be paid and they might be higher because you are consuming more energy.

Now that we are in the spring season, people will probably use their heaters less for space heating. Electric fans will now be required to keep spaces cool. If you still have a gas boiler you are still consuming electricity and gas to meet  your hot water demand.

So, what can you do?

  1. Start taking cool showers. It’s getting warmer so a cool shower rather than a warm shower can help regulate your body temperature and keep you cool.
  2. Natural ventilation works best, you get fresh air and you save electricity. So open your windows and let the gentle breeze in.
  3. Take advantage of day lighting. Don’t leave your lights on if you don’t need to. Open your curtains and let the sun illuminate your spaces.
  4. Do not leave equipment running all day e.g. your fans and other charging devices.
  5. Plan your day ahead. Staying at home all day can make you really food bingy. You start to visit the kitchen more often. The toaster or microwave is on every now and then. It could even be the constant use of the kettle. Sometimes you feel like a chef and every moment you’re cooking up a new meal. For those with electric cookers this can be costly, so,  plan your day ahead.

It is always best to know how you’re fairing with your energy, if you have a smart meter it’s a good thing. Your in-home display unit (IHD) can help you monitor your energy usage closely so you can save.

Happy Quarantine 😊



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