Woody (Fit For Purpose)

Happy New Year!!

This is the first post of the year hence the official greeting. Thank you for following and participating on the blog so far. I really appreciate you and I hope you have an amazing year!

Can you believe that we are nearly through the first month already?!

January has been very ‘eventful’ and what I need to do, like many of us need to do while we Keep On, is to remember to space things out, rest and refresh.

To avoid burning out in the year, take advantage of partnerships and seek good counsel where necessary. After all, two are better than 1.

To the main gist for today!!!

While doing my bible study a few days ago, I found it interesting when reading the story of the bitter waters of Marah that God asked Moses to cut a piece of wood (tree) and throw it into the water and it became fit to drink again.

This reminded me of the story of Elisha with the borrowed axe head. One of Elisha’s colleagues had borrowed an axe so they could use it to chop some trees and build a meeting place. Unfortunately, while they were working, the axe head slipped and fell into the Jordan. Elisha’s solution was to cut a piece of wood (stick) and throw it into the water. Guess what? It made the axe head float!

How wonderful!

These amazing miracles made me research further on the significance of wood in the Bible. I was so focused on the object – the instrument of the miracle – as opposed to the Miracle Worker. Well, much to my disappointment I realized ‘wood’ wasn’t so significant after all. In the book of Ephesians it explains that wood is usually used for common purposes.

In a large house there are articles not only of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay; some are for special purposes and some for common use.

2 Timothy 2:20

In this present time, wood is used for a lot of things. It is used to make paper; boxes; utensils and even jewelry but it needs to be treated unless it’s simply just fit for the fire.

In the display image, the wooden spoon is used for cooking. In the African culture it is also used for child discipline, which in my language is called “omorogun”.

I did come across an interesting account of the use of wood. Wood was used in the building of the tabernacle of the Lord and the ark of the covenant. But…it had to be overlaid with gold. The ark of the covenant was a chest in which the two stones of the Ten Commandments was kept.

Joseph Prince, in one of his teachings (and other Bible theologians in their literature) explains the significance of the wood and the gold. He explains that the wood represents Christ’s Humanity and the gold, his deity. Seeing ourselves in Christ we realize our own humanity and that we are nothing without God.

God has always wanted a deep relationship with man. He has always wanted us to display his glory in the world. However, we can only be used if we choose to bond with him.

Just as I made the mistake of focusing on the ‘wood’ as opposed to God’s power behind the miracle, we also may attribute more importance to ourselves or others for the good works we see instead of giving glory to God. When we do this, we set ourselves up to be disappointed.

This is the year to achieve great dreams but you need to be connected to the great God. He gives us strength and directs our path.

I encourage you to keep on and don’t give up no matter how the year has begun or is going. Remember seasons change and a dream is for an appointed time. It will come to pass. Be consistent.



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