Hi, my name is Oluwademiladeayo. Hehe, yeah! I know it’s long and hence- Demiladeayo the blogger was born!!!
I started blogging because I had always loved to write. It brings me pleasure when people are blessed when they read my posts. And it’s the best way I can to let the world know how awesome my Father, GOD is. I love to write stories, lyrics, messages and……my thoughts.

Before I started this blog late last year, I would write my messages out and print them on a small piece of paper and give them out to people. Also, I started sending people messages on WhatsApp (which I still do to link them up with the website). I even made an audio message once. It was a great opportunity to start this blog. It’s even better for you to read, share in my experiences and be blessed without you being scared of misplacing a paper or deleting a message. You can come here whenever you want and as many times you want and get engaged and share!!!!

I also want to learn from you so I’ll appreciate your comments. Feel free to explore this website.
Where do you want to start?