Energy Saving Tips During COVID-19 Lock-down.

I’ve noticed somethings during this lock down period that I’ve unconsciously been doing and I’m guessing I’m not the only one. We are practically required to stay home 24/7 which means we are going to be running our bills more than we would usually do if we went out to work during the day or … Continue reading Energy Saving Tips During COVID-19 Lock-down.


Ada’s Dilemma 

They had spent the past five years of their lives planning ahead from the day they would officially say I do. They had agreed on everything: what deco was needed in the house, who will do what, who was welcome to stay with them and for how long, how many children they would have, how … Continue reading Ada’s Dilemma 

Do Not Be Overwhelmed By The Competition

Competition exists everywhere. It exists in the work place while aiming for a promotion or in your business in trying to get your products to top the sales chart. Competition exists between siblings who are yet to understand that they are born unique. Even in blogging! There is the need to create relevant content. We can go on and on of … Continue reading Do Not Be Overwhelmed By The Competition

The Weekend with Demiladeayo.

So for me this weekend was amazing. I could call it my post birthday weekend celebration. So rather than keeping it all to myself I have decided to tell you about it (I'm keeping it simple of course): Friday 29-04! People say the weekend starts on Friday and after work everyone is excited to chill … Continue reading The Weekend with Demiladeayo.

This road you’re on. 

Are you at the point where you have to make some major decisions in your life? Or maybe the nations economic situation is giving you a lot to think about? Is your career giving you a whole lot of stress and you're thinking of new ways to make things better?  Are you threatened with the … Continue reading This road you’re on. 


EPISODE 5: Breathe…… Semester is over and you have all the time to play and catch up on moments you may have missed while studying. Visit your friends, sleep over, go for dinner and swim. Party hard if you want to. But remember you are accountable to God for everything that you do. Once you’re … Continue reading PROSPERDEMICS (5)


EPISODE 4: True Talk. The basic things you have to do, for every exam and in fact throughout the semester, is firstly set a goal for what you want to make- Aim high and not average. Do not limit yourself to what you think your ability is but think prosperity, think higher than whoever is … Continue reading PROSPERDEMICS (4)


EPISODE 3: Why is he so exited? So firstly, open the door to prosperity and by doing that you’ve made up your mind that ‘never’ is not in your dictionary. Secondly, you’ve made the decision to trust God all the way. School Work can be boring. School itself is interesting when you’re going out and … Continue reading PROSPERDEMICS (3)


EPISODE 2: Why Should You Succeed? As I stated in the first part of the series, the first step to being great academically is to open the door to prosperity. Prosperity is something that God wants for you. It is something He has placed inside of you. He gave you 5 senses and a brain … Continue reading PROSPERDEMICS (2)


EPISODE 1: KNOCK! KNOCK! Hello Beautiful People, it’s me again – Demiladeayo. I am doing a series today, basically something to help those in school, especially my people in Ghana! Heeyyy KNUST. Exams are just around the corner I'm guessing. It feels so good to be done with school hehehe. Guys just hang in there, … Continue reading PROSPERDEMICS