‘God said… but it did not work out’ by Kanayo Phoebe Dike-Oduah

God used this strong amazing woman, Kanayo Phoebe Dike-Oduah,  to share a message that has been on my mind. I got in touch with her immediately after reading her blog post and asked to share it. He used her to put the words together and now I’m going to use social media to spread the message. Remember My facebook post about how I cried and was upset about the traffic, yeah that was a related circumstance but there are bigger phases in life where we face such instances of ‘God said… But it didn’t work out’. For the fear of making mistakes in my career and relationships I have been so confused and worried of the next step to take but you know what-

 Psalms 37:25

I have been young, and now am old,yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or his children begging for bread.

They that trust in the Lord can not be out to shame!


Kanayo Dike-Oduah


‘God said… but it didn’t work out’

‘God said…but it didn’t work out, so was it really God or were you hearing things because God is not a liar…’

I have heard many versions of the above phrase spewed inconsiderately and in a ‘what are you saying now?’ way to Christians, who perhaps shared that God instructed them to do something. That ‘something’ could have been anything, but it was ‘good’, it  was honourable and would seemingly have brought glory to God.

What happens when that thing; albeit a relationship – from courtship to marriage, a career, a university course, anything that you believed God told you to pursue, flops?

What do you say to the people who were rooting for you? How do you deal with the overwhelming feeling of shame because your failings have satisfied those that were waiting for your downfall? How do you deal with the feeling of doubt for anything ‘God instructs you to do’? How do you deal with the lack of trust in your ability to hear from God clearly? How do you deal with the feeling of being ‘let down by God’ because He is sovereign so He knew this wouldn’t work out…?

A few points to address the matter:

1. God’s instruction is perfect and infallible (never failing, incapable of being wrong). However, He trusts His instructions with imperfect humans who are prone to failure. Therefore, we should never discredit the instruction of God because man failed to execute it. God’s word is perfect and will not return to Him void. He is not the author of confusion.

2. God said ‘do XYZ’…but how have YOU responded to His instruction? How have you in your human wisdom interpreted it? Do you think your way of doing this is better? Or have you listened to a twisted version of God’s instruction?

Jonah is a perfect example of this (see Jonah Challenge). God gave Him an instruction to go to Nineveh to send a word for the people to repent. Jonah thought that God was being too lenient and so he took matters into his own hands and disobeyed God’s instruction. Things didn’t work out for Him because his disobedience led him to be gourmet pounded yam for a whale.

Adam and Eve – They were given an instruction by God not to eat from the tree of good and evil. This instruction was twisted by the devil and Adam and Eve forsook God’s perfect instruction for a warped version.

Abraham and Sarah – God told Abraham that He will be the Father of Nations, but when God’s promise appeared to tarry, they took matters into their own hands. With the rationale of ‘helping’ God – Abraham had a child with Sarah’s maid…the consequence is evident in our time today. Yet, God still fulfilled His promise.

3. God is all knowing, yet He is not a dictator. He gave us free will to make decisions for ourselves. Our prayer should be, Lord, equip me with everything that I need; wisdom, resources, patience and a sound mind to make the right decisions.

4. Is it really God’s instruction or your own desires? Sometimes we confuse our own desires for the voice of God. For example, the desire to be married isn’t wrong, the desire to be successful in all that we do isn’t wrong, but our attitudes towards those things can be way off God’s standards. Hence we flop, because we are yet to have the character that will sustain our marriages, we are yet to have the fruit of the Spirit that will keep us in places of prominence. Other times, because our desires are so strong and the enemy knows our desires, He can send counterfeits and ‘confirmations’ to push us outside of God’s tempo.

5. God can instruct us to do things that defy all logic and because of our limited understanding we sometimes think that there is a better way.

I’ve been studying Elisha recently and in 2 Kings 5 there is an account of the mighty King Naaman who also suffered from leprosy (a contagious skin disease). On hearing about Prophet Elisha’s great power from God, Naaman went to Israel to seek healing. He stood at Elisha’s door, but Elisha simply sent a messenger with this message; “Go and wash yourself seven times in Israel’s Jordan River. Then your skin will be restored, and you will be healed of your leprosy.” BUT…Naaman became angry and retorted, “I thought he would come out to meet me! – I expected him to wave his hand over the leprosy and call on the name of the Lord his God and heal me! Aren’t the rivers of Damascus, the Abana and the Pharpar, better than any of the rivers of Israel? Why shouldn’t I wash in them and be healed?” So Naaman turned and went away in a rage.

quotescover-JPG-56Naaman’s officers tried to reason with him and said, “Sir, if the prophet had told you to do something very difficult, wouldn’t you have done it? So you should certainly obey him when he says simply, ‘Go and wash and be cured!’” So Naaman went down to the Jordan River and dipped himself seven times, as Elisha had instructed him. And his skin became as healthy as the skin of a young child, and he was healed!

Another Biblical example which is in the book of Hosea. Hosea was an upright man who God told to marry a prostitute. In this day and age, the majority of us would have criticised Hosea for marrying Gomer, the hashtag #TheseHoesAintLoyal (pardon the offensive example) would have been everywhere. We would have said that Hosea was crazy and certainly didn’t hear from God.

We don’t know what God is up to or what He has told a person. Our job is to trust God even when it doesn’t make sense and to do the things He has instructed us to do, even when it sounds silly. For those who are prone to making harsh comments on a decision someone has made based on what they say God has told them, as long as the instruction doesn’t go against His word, your job is to be quiet and pray about the things you don’t understand – pray for them!

6. Sometimes we tag God to something that we’ve already established without consulting Him. Understand that God is not obligated to bless what he did not initiate.

Encouragement for those who are feeling the pain and shame of ‘God said…but it didn’t work out’.

It may LOOK like ‘God said…but it didn’t work out’. But as long as you are still alive, even when it looks like things have gone pear-shaped, let this be your hope and anthem: ‘God has not finished with me yet and He is faithful to His promises for my life’!

The story of Joseph is a perfect example (see Joseph Challenge), He had a ‘God-dream’, but His reality in the years to come did not reflect the dream…it looked like ‘God said He would rule over his brothers…but it didn’t work out’. Despite what it may look like, be patient, trust God’s tempo, what He said will happen – WILL happen. People will mock you, people will ask where is your God? People will say that you didn’t really hear God. But just like Joseph, you will be in a position where you will feed those that once mocked you. What you go through will serve others.

One more example, I along with many other children of divorced parents are still a product of ‘God said…but it didn’t work out’. God definitely told my parents to get married…but it didn’t work out, not because His instruction was flawed – but because of the recipients. What God gives is never defective. The institution of marriage is not defective – it is the people inside that allow for dysfunction to take root. However, without my parents coming together as instructed by God in the first place, I would not exist neither would my awesome siblings, I would not be here writing this blog.

God can still bring good out of our failures. His mercy is greater than our mistakes. So yes, there are times in life where it looks like God’s promise and instruction is far from our realities. Sometimes, we move outside of His word and things don’t work out. However, I encourage you to submit yourself entirely to Him, die to your fleshly desires, don’t move in haste, and wait on Him…it may look like things have flopped, BUT God has not finished with you yet!


For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. – Habbakuk 2:3 (KJV)

Reference scriptures: Numbers 23:19-20 | Habbakuk 2:3 | Psalm 37:5 | 2 Kings 5 | Psalm 42 | Romans 8:28


You can visit Kanayo Phoebe Dike-Oduah website at http://www.doctorkanayo.com




Do Not Be Overwhelmed By The Competition

IMG_2667 (3)

Competition exists everywhere. It exists in the work place while aiming for a promotion or in your business in trying to get your products to top the sales chart. Competition exists between siblings who are yet to understand that they are born unique. Even in blogging! There is the need to create relevant content. We can go on and on of different areas in life where competition exists. Competing, like change, is also a constant at different levels of progress. Let us look at the best way to take advantage of such situations:


This is one biblical phrase that people use often to mean if you want something you have to fight for it. It means fight to the finish. To use this strategy you have to be well aware of who the competition is; know their tactics and weaknesses. Use this information as a smart step to improve on your own strengths and networking strategies. 


I never heard about the Blue Ocean strategy till a few days ago while speaking with a colleague of mine. This concept was introduced by W.Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, both professors of strategy and management at INSAED. The strategy explains that rather than battling to dominate an already populated market or competing in an existing industry, you can explore the untapped waters of an uncontested market space or build a completely non-existing industry into what you want it to be.


Ignore the competition and focus on your attractive advantage. What makes people attracted to you? What makes people seek for your services? Use this advantage in an innovative way to make sure your fans, audience and customers stick with you. With this strategy your character goes a long way in determining if people stick with you or not. You have to build good relationships and remain consistent to make this strategy work.


I recently listened to an audio training of taking advantage of the man around. The man around is a person who shares a similar interest and goal with you. Rather than working at logger heads with your competitor it is better to work together. We would agree that two are better than one. “If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.” Get to form good relationships with those in your professional, academic or social field.

You will be up against competition all your life and there is no doubt that healthy competition pushes you to do better but remember to “be so good they can’t ignore you” – Steve Martin.


Powerful Words And Life Lessons



Picture by .S.L.X.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this read because I did when my mum sent it to me.
You might have read it somewhere before but there’s no doubt that there is powerful advise to always remember  coming from this powerful woman.


ADVISE TO LADIES BY A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE – Married and singles:      

Heart to Heart with Mrs Ibukun Awosika, Entrepreneur and business magnate. First female Chair person of First Bank Nigeria PLC.

Advise for singles
If you are walking down the road, with the wrong man, you are in trouble. You cannot afford to make a mistake.
Don’t get married until you have a sense of who you are.
You have to take this seriously because your life is on assignment. You are accountable to God for your life.
Your life has three parts:
1. Who you are

2. After a while, you get the added responsibility of a wife. This does not replace who you are. Your role as a wife is to help a man be the best of himself, not to diminish yourself

3. After a while, you get the added responsibility of a mother
One part does not remove the other, and it is your responsibility to work out how the three will combine together.
When you know who you are, you will know what to look out for when you are looking for a partner.
You won’t be carried away by “Rich, Tall and Handsome”, Instead you will be looking for someone who can help you to achieve what you are born to achieve.
If you marry the wrong person, and there is a mismatch, there will be a great conflict.
You owe it to yourself not to settle.
Don’t ever settle until you are comfortable that this person you want to marry has your back and will allow you to fly.
If you don’t know who you are, you can start by knowing what you don’t want, and be honest with yourself.
Don’t get carried away with the butterflies in your tummy.
When you are deciding on a man to marry:
Pick a man who is responsible and who is working hard. He may not have made it yet, but at least he is working and he has a vision.
It is not your job to give your husband-to-be a vision. You can’t change him. Make sure that he already has a personal vision of what he wants to become and is already working towards it.
Please take note of this:
The son of a rich man is not a rich boy.
He will take you out on dates in a big car. It is not his car, it’s his father’s car. He borrowed it.
His father will throw a big party for the two of you when you are getting married. This is for his own ego. The father can even pay 2 years house rent for you to impress the inlaws, and hence you might not realize that you are in trouble.
When the marriage starts, it will dawn on you that the boy you married, does not have any money.
He is always dependent on his daddy.
The day daddy does not give him money, you guys will not have money.
All the responsibilities will fall on your head, and this will cause friction in the marriage.
Be warned my daughters.
You can prevent yourself from entering trouble.

Advise for Married Women
At first when you start a business, your husband might seem supportive because he thinks it is just a business to keep you busy.
But as the business becomes successful, he gets scared.
He gets scared because he feels that you might become something else. He has heard so many stories of women who have become rich and are now terrible. He is scared that you might not be able to balance it all.
You have the power to manage this transition.
1. Don’t start what you cannot finish
Breakfast in bed
Cooking fresh food everyday
The day you become busy and you cannot make breakfast in bed, he will say you have changed and will start treating you as if you are a horrible person
2. Make your husband a stakeholder in everything you do
You must have heard people say:
Your husband’s money is your money
Your money is your money
This is bad advice
If your husband has no stake in what you do, what is his benefit? You are making money everyday and you are still asking for housekeeping. After a while, he will begin to despise you.
All this money you are making, you can’t even help out in the house.
One of the wise things you can do is to empower him.
For example, you can say, “Let me take care of the house bills, you can use your money to build us a house”
When he sees how your money is helping him, he begins to get invested in what you do; he wants you to succeed because your success takes some burden off his shoulders.
Please note: This is why you should marry a hardworking man, who will not take advantage of you because you are contributing to the home-front. If you marry a reasonable man, he won’t start spending his money on other women because you are helping out.
Money is a very sensitive topic in a marriage because it can break a home. A lot of ladies take advice from the older generation, forgetting that the generation of our mothers is not the same as our generation.
In that generation, not a lot of women were career focused.
In this generation, it is the norm for women to be career focused, and hence, the dynamics has changed, and we have to deal with that dynamic.
God knows what he was saying when he said, husband and wife are one
The two of you are one and he can bless the one through any of the halves of the one. He can bless the husband or the wife, but it does not change who is in charge.
Your husband is in charge of your home and you should never have illegal leadership because you have money
Money is nothing.

It is just a tool you can use to achieve what God has ordained for you.
Don’t allow money to control your home. If you do, you are in trouble.
When you understand this, you won’t become arrogant because you are making money.
I want you to understand this because we need to raise a critical mass of women who can be successful and use money wisely, so that men can become comfortable with successful women and it can be easier for our children to become successful
You also need to understand that your husband is facing so many things:
Pressure from in-laws

Pressure from friends
They will be telling him things about you, hence you have to be careful.
Don’t keep secrets from him, secrets breed mistrust.
If you want to invest in property, let him know what you are doing.
If you don’t trust your husband, you can keep the asset in your name or in your children’s name.
If you trust your husband, you can buy property and keep the asset in the both of you’s name.
If you have plenty cash, invest in assets immediately. If your husband knows that you are sitting on so much cash, he will ask you for it and if you don’t give it to him…trouble. You become the enemy.
Wisdom my daughters, you need wisdom.

Business Advice
What business do you want to do?

Do you even know the business?

Have you empowered yourself to make the right decisions?

Have you done due diligence…and this is not about asking your friends for their opinion.

After selling your products to family and friends, how can your business idea become commercially viable?

What pricing and evaluation models can work for your business?
As you go along in your business, it is foolish to not understand the numbers.
Invest in yourself.
There is nothing wrong with not knowing, but you have to have the courage to ask someone to teach you.
Go to Business School.
If you can’t afford it, attend business workshops and trainings.
You might think you are smart, but really, what do you know?
We are all smart, but we don’t know everything.
If you think about how many different topics exist, you will realize that you don’t know a lot.
I’m always in school, I spend what people use to buy houses to go to school.
If everybody is deceiving you, do not deceive yourself, nobody knows where you are going but you. You owe it to yourself to invest in yourself.
After you invest in yourself, the knowledge is yours, and you will find yourself in places you don’t feel you are qualified for.
What am I doing on the board of a bank? I am a Carpenter. My first degree was in Chemistry.
It is your responsibility to empower yourself with information that can help you.
Be honest with yourself and identify what your gaps are.
Invest in yourself.
This is what will separate you from the crowd.
Another thing you should note, is that it is important to treat people right.
This is how I have gone so far without bribery. I treat people with kindness, such that they do things for me out

of love instead of “a cut”.
Everybody from the gateman, to the house keeper, to the driver, to the secretary to the oga…everybody.
It is the gateman you are nice to, that will open the gate for you and find parking for you when you are late to a meeting.
It is because I have help at home, that is why I can be here today.
I have delegated some responsibilities, and hence I can have time to focus on what I know how to do best.
If I did not delegate these tasks to other people, and if I did not treat the people who were helping me out well, I would have to do everything by myself.
Human beings in your life are very valuable.
By yourself, you are limited.
Everybody doing something in your life is valuable.
You lose when you think that you are the most important person in the room.
The way you make people feel affects the extent to how they can help you achieve your potential.
Love people.
Show care for people
Be kind to people.
If you work with artisans (tailors, carpenters, etc), Be kind but firm.
Be firm, but just.
Don’t become a fool, be firm but nice.
When you are fair, people will fight for you the day you make a hard decision.
I have fired a whole factory before. I was younger than my staff and I was equally pregnant. They decided not to show up at work on one day and we had a deadline.
I found other carpenters to complete the work during the weekend and by the time they showed on Monday, their sack letters were waiting at the gate.
Do not let anyone despise you because of your age and gender.
Keep your word
If you give your word to your customer, keep it.


Power Points:

1. Know yourself and know what you want in life, marriage and career.
2. Be focused. 
3. Money is good but it is not everything.
4. Your husband is in charge so respect him. 
5. Don’t be arrogant, be focused.
6. Be careful who you take advise from.
7. Invest in yourself.
8. Value others; love and care for them  
9. Be firm but just 
10. Keep your word and maintain integrity 

Dream Girl or God’s will


It’s always great to have friends that would send you wonderful messages that open your eyes to new things🙈
I decided to share this with you. Two different people sent me messages on two different days on relationships. The second message was something I had come across while listening to one of Myles Munroe’s teachings on marriage so I was really happy to share it too. You’ll learn a lot, like I have, that most times we have to set aside our idols( the perfect guy or woman figure in our mind) and look to God to guide us his way Psalm 143:10.



Instagram pullout!!

The SEXIEST Thing About My Dream Wife.

There is a Nigerian proverb that owns a special spot in my heart; The man with a beautiful wife and the farmer with his corn by the roadside both have the same issues. Kwerrrr, dating a drop dead gorgeous woman, it’s a special calling o, trust me, I KNOW.
We all have things we wish for in the person we’ll marrry, like for me she being a fantastic cook is such a big deal! Im not going to deny it, I love body! The way I see it, if the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, well how about some curvy architecture for the worshipper!? But that’s just me, for you, he being rich or ambitious could be what gets you weak in the knees. Or she having Krobosutra potential could be what kills you.
There are girls who love a man because of the family he comes from or the school he went to and there are men who love a woman because of the length of her hair or the lightness of her shade…which begs a whole new conversation about how she ended up halfco when she was born ebony black. But let’s leave that’s for another day.
There are guys who love a woman because she doesn’t need him for money and there are women who love a man because he claims to be a ‘tuber holder’ (im not explaining further). Now I’ve given all this good thought and seen quite a bit in my few years, so I have resolute conviction on the sexiest trait your partner could have; the passion for prayer.
Honestly, I don’t think your sweetheart being prayerful is sexy because I am Christian…it’s actually a logical conclusion. I know a woman whose hubby buys her a new car each time she catches him cheating. I know of men who watch hardcore porn, even though they are married to women with bodies like offerings.
I know of men who would rather eat stale roadside indomie than the 5 star cuisine of their horror wife. I know of women who’ll find more bliss in the potbelly of a bald man than in the fit arms of the abusive hunk lying beside them. There are plenty of these.
But even if your husband is a good rich man, or your wife is good with kitchen and bedsheet skills and your sweetheart has all those other wow traits, the tap runs dry eventually if she is not genuinely prayerful and he isn’t really right with God.
Fam, there are doors that only prayer can open. People try to reason an attitudinal change in a partner like it’s always the consequence of something they did wrong. It’s not. We love the Bible for Jabez’s prayers, Solomon’s wealth, Elijah’s keche and all those juicy promises God made, but we don’t place enough premium on the verse that says “…for we do not war against flesh and blood…”
Look, if it was flesh and blood then body trainers, extended eyelashes and silicon boobs will be appropriate weapons. If it was flesh and blood, then a fat account, Taekwando and Viagra or Agya Appiah bitters would be the right weapons…but it’s not. Because there are things that can only be overcome by prayer and fasting…not Onga and ripped abs.
Deciding to marry someone with money and body and family and swag as the fuel to your romance is like setting out on a cross-Atlantic journey in a flashy car; it can only get you to the beach! To sail the seas or straddle the skies, boo or bae must know their way to heavens gate!
True, church is littered with many wolves in sheep clothing, but if you yourself are prayerful, you’ll be able to discern the genuine from the fake.
So take a good look at the boo who may father your children or the bae you’ll be tied to for life and ask some really hard questions. If he isn’t the kind of man you can do warfare with or she’s not the kind of woman you can wake up at dawn to see travailing for you, watch that space ooo watch that space. The boyfriend you have now is just the trailer of the movie you’ll watch for the rest of your life, does that sound like a good time?
See, sex, no matter how good cannot bring the miracle of a baby to a barren womb. Food, no matter how delicious cannot convict an adulterous husband. Money, no matter how much will not satisfy a gold digging wife. Skin, no matter how fair will not hold back the slaps of an abusive husband. There are some things only true prayer can deal with.
If you find a man sexy or a woman irresistible, among other things, let it also be because they are genuinely prayerful. It’ll be a much much wiser decision than buying treasury bills po. Marry into prayer…it will bring you health, wealth and all the komininis…assuming boo/bae isnt a lazy sloth. 

Walking in the will of God as revealed in the word (A relationship/marriage case study)…

A Christian lady and guy were asked to write down what qualities they want in and man. 
I’m sure you can guess what was in the list…
My wife was asked on my wedding day how she’d address me in the marriage…
Imagine what the crowd would have said if she responded “My Lord”(1Pet.3:6)😁…

Imagine what other ladies would say about her…
Well she didn’t…😥
We have taught that marriage is built up by love and romance and all the romantic ideas we see and learn from all places.
But the all knowing God said something entirely different in the scriptures and mind you, he is not old school because he predicted already things that would happen in what we call future. So he’s well aware or he was aware of what trends will be like in our times… yet he left his old idea as guide and principles for us…
Observe that the only reference to love in marriage is from the man to the woman in Eph.5:25 And the love is qualified as Christ Loved the church. It’s not romantic love. No mentions of flower and dates and all… (remember I don’t have anything against these, we are just discussing scriptures as the foundation)

And the woman? Submit… that’s all.
Do you know the word husband used in the scriptures also means master? Not best friend (marry your friend o… but bible says he’s master too. In fact master, that’s all…)
While I have nothing against some ideas we have today.

They are not the foundation. The foundation remain God’s wisdom in the scriptures.

Every other is just a spice.
We have even defined happiness in marriage as the ultimate height in marriage. 

In that way we get very confused when unbelievers tend to have a happier marriage than we do, so we go copy their tricks.
We tell the believers that if they have premarital sex they won’t be happy, some unbelievers prove that wrong. 

We tell them that we must love them the God kind of way and we have a happy or “successful marriage, well the unbelievers didn’t have the God kind of love and yet some of us envy how put together some marriages are.
The truth is It was never about happiness, it was about purpose. That’s something the most happy unbelieving couple can never achieve .

When our goals are just about the same as the unbelievers, we keep making mistakes. 
Let’s stop confusing ourselves with natural principles and follow God’s word.
Marriage is a union unto an assignment.

God seeks an expansion of his kingdom through the family. Micah calls a godly seed Malachi2:15. Genesis calls it the dominion mandate. 
Paul says it an example of the union between Christ and the church. Eph.5:22-33
If we don’t study these properly we would keep struggling in the confusion on the blend between psychology and spiritual. Between sacred and secular. 
It’s also beyond companionship. The companionship is unto a purpose.
Happiness in marriage is just the result of following God’s precepts and principles about marriage. It’s not the ultimate goal. 
Our concepts of relationships and marriage must be taken from the scriptures and scriptures properly studied and understood.
A lot of what has been taught as principles for successful relationships and marriage is mere psychology principles.

It’s so bad that placing biblical principles by them would offend many believers.

Most couple’s know more ideologies from outside the word than inside the word.

Before we take these concepts, let’s lay the bible foundation. 

God is not surprised at what we know today.

He knew these concepts will surely arise.

He had predicted what will happen even in our future so if he ignored what is being paraded as principles of happy relationships and put what he put in the word, we must quieten our minds from the noise of the world and lay a proper foundation on the word o…

So before you rush into a marriage or pre-marriage relationships. Build yourself up on the word.

Find out God’s will for the institution .
Faith begins where God’s will is known…
Is that clear? 

Tell me…

What if ¿

Really Enjoyed this post from my sister blogger and thought to share it. I hope you enjoy it too!!!


I felt like sharing this today… Happy Valentine’s day!!

Tall (check)

Style (check)

Properly carved black beard (check)

Deep voice (check)

Muscular (check)

Jaw droopingly handsome (check)

Drives a car (check)… I don’t need to add that he’s loaded

Has a sense of humor (check)

Then you suddenly hear something about God’s will on a Sunday morning after you’ve clothed yourself in “precious garments” to your father’s house. Perhaps you heard there are fine brethren in this place of worship, the kind that make a damsel want to shake her body in the right direction during praise. It wouldn’t hurt to scan the waters you say and lol, sounds logical.

But you hear it anyway, “Pray for God’s will in finding a partner, let it be God’s will”

Though you would never admit it, in your mind’s eye, this is God’s will…

Wrinkled (check)

Lacking humour (check)

Lacking style (check)

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I felt like sharing this today… Happy Valentine’s day!!

Tall (check)
Style (check)
Properly carved black beard (check)
Deep voice (check)
Muscular (check)
Jaw droopingly handsome (check)
Drives a car (check)… I don’t need to add that he’s loaded
Has a sense of humor (check)

Then you suddenly hear something about God’s will on a Sunday morning after you’ve clothed yourself in “precious garments” to your father’s house. Perhaps you heard there are fine brethren in this place of worship, the kind that make a damsel want to shake her body in the right direction during praise. It wouldn’t hurt to scan the waters you say and lol, sounds logical.
But you hear it anyway, “Pray for God’s will in finding a partner, let it be God’s will”
Though you would never admit it, in your mind’s eye, this is God’s will…
Wrinkled (check)
Lacking humour (check)
Lacking style (check)

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What about Valentine’s Day?

My only Vals present from my friend!.

Yay so Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I’m sure a few people are excited. As for me, I’m praying church would just be for the whole day so that it won’t be like I didn’t have anything planned.  

I struggled with this post a bit because I wanted to be sure that I was absolutely right! But if you have other ideas let me know okay? This is seeing Valentine’s Day through my eyes! 


1. Time to give, eat cake and receive gifts.

As you can tell I love cake! Thank God Valentine’s Day is on Sunday so I will just go to church and eat cake. Most times we are busy and I get it that Valentine’s Day is an opportune time to go out and do something nice for your loved ones; get them something nice for no reason at all except that you love them. With celebration of love in the air, there are lots of give-aways, special offers for couples and parties! So it definitely is going to be an interesting weekend. 

  2. Time to make money. 
A guy in my office was complaining about how the prices of cakes had gone up. He was furious. 

“I ordered this cake yesterday and today they have added extra 2500!” 

Those that make hampers would sell like crazy. Even super markets would start stacking the scented roses and cellular networks will make money. Guys that won’t have money to buy a nice present would buy credit and sweet talk bae instead. Let’s not leave out restaurants! 

3. Time to spend money. 
Yes now! For one to receive money someone has to spend it. That special loved one that would want to do everything and anything for his special “bae”. Abi now? Guys that would try to impress- “my valentine present better pass yours”.  

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4. Quality time 
With working 8 hours a week coupled with Lagos traffic and a demanding family, sometimes you just need to sneak away with your loved one and just spend quality time. Catch up on missed moments, laugh, gist, play and take a selfie.


1. Forming season
 Even if I get nothing this period, I have already prepared one picture that I would post on Instagram and comment “valentine cake #chilling”. It can be that bad. Most adverts are directed towards couple outings and most offers are for two. When I turn on the radio, the topic is love or hurt. For someone who has lost the love of their life or for our single sisters or brothers, this can be frustrating. We would feel left out. As for me, I would just take myself out. But, even if we like to be independent- we want to be pampered small too. We don’t want to have to lie and pretend!!! 

2. Further Intentions
A question was once asked that what does a guy want from a relationship and this young man confidently stood up and said sex. It might not be true for every guy but in the society we live in most of our relationships are usually about sexual benefits. How wonderful it is to take advantage of the romantic atmosphere of the valentine period to woo your loved one into bed. Sex before marriage isn’t advised and people usually interchange love with the idea of romance. 


3. Eye Service 
So Val’s day was fun but the cake did not follow you to your house. You spent all that money just to soak Garri the next day. Well let’s just say it’s all for love. Love is a sacrifice. How about when you’re angry at him because the teddy bear he bought for you was two sizes smaller than your room mates. Sometimes it brings unnecessary pressure to impress and just to feed our egos.

4. When bae is too hot
 After you have planned to take her out and you find out that you’re not the only one she’s planned the day with. Well, I guess you’ll have to wait your turn. How about when you realize that you’re not the only girl he bought cake for and then all over social media you see quotes that make you feel like the side chick. 


All in all Valentine’s Day is just a day!!! But our expression of love should not just be set out for one day alone.We should try everyday to make out time for that person we love. Always do something surprising and sweet. Let’s not get carried away with what others are doing in their relationship. Being alone doesn’t make you lonely. If you don’t get a Valentine’s present, it is not the end of the world, especially if it is not from a guy friend; just be content doing good for someone. 
Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!!! At the same time I like cake 😁

Unioly (Holy Union) 

When Christ is coming he is coming for a spotless church. That is why as the body of Christ we are to be holy as our Heavenly Father is holy because He cannot stand iniquity. 

In marriages today, we find people that are unequally yoked coming together to form a union. It becomes difficult to live the holy life God expects from you while waiting for your second marriage. It’s different if both of you were not Christians before getting married and one person comes to Christ: in such a case you’re able to win over the other person by your change of conduct because your partner who once knew you one way is surprised at the better person you’ve become. However if before going into marriage you both decided(agreed) to be in your different religions, then there would be a lot of unresolved discrepancies on the way which you cannot now disagree on in your marriage.

Marriage has a lot of challenges on its own just as living has challenges we tackle everyday. The point of marriage is not to take you from God as was the case with Adam and Eve. Instead it’s supposed to hasten the agreements you have with God as in his word saying ‘what two people agree on will be done by my Father in heaven’. It’s a divine Union and not one to make you loose your salvation.  

I was in a relation where things were very vulgar between the person I was going out with and I. In that relationship I found it difficult to forgive, I held grudges and was always angry and insultive. I had this mentality that a person just wasn’t what they seemed to be outside. This really affected my relationship with God cause I was most times bitter.
We often hear the statement that “don’t envy any relationship because you never know what goes on behind closed doors”. We should embrace the relationship in which we could open all the door and windows to let people see us an example as Daniel did when he opened all the doors and windows to pray to show he had nothing to hide because he was righteous before God. 

Let’s not be unequally yoked. We should ensure that God is involved in every relationship we go into. Let’s always keep our eyes focused on God.

The Proverbs 31 Man


Yepeee! It’s really been an awesome year so far. So many things to be grateful for. I’m especially grateful cause we’ll be rounding off the year with the 51st post. Hasn’t God been good? (Statistics are available)

So, it’s reltaionship Thursay and I’m putting a little twist on the famous Proverbs 31 passage and introducing “The Proverbs 31 Man”

First of all, as a woman, I want to say that a Proverbs 31 man is one that is worthy of a Proverbs 31 woman. 

The Proverbs 31 man is a King. He may not physically or socially have the tittle King or come from a royal family but he is a King because he comes from a kingdom of Kings and Priests; A kingdom of God. 

The Proverbs 31 man is aware that he is the heir of the King of Kings. 
As a King, the Proverbs 31 man is NOT a womanizer (vs 3). He is a man who respects his woman. He loves and cares for her. He does not take pleasure in different women. Solomon, although being the wisest man, allowed his love for his wives to eventually lead him away from God. The Proverbs 31 man is a man who is in control of his wife and his children. He is faithful.

As a King, he is not a drunkard (vs 4-5). In fact it not good for Kings to drink so that they can always make the right decisions while being in sound mind. He has to be in control of his actions at all times.

As a King, he speaks up for the helpless (vs 8-9). He is a defender of the hopeless. He is compassionate. He also defends the right of the poor financially. 
He is a man respected at the city gates (vs 23). Which means his words are of value to the people. He is a man of wisdom. As a wise man, he is quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger and of course abounding in love.

The Proverbs 31 man is not an idle man. He works hard to ensure that he provides for his family. He contributes positively to his community.  It is important that he relies on God to order his steps.

These are the point characteristics of a Proverbs 31 man. As a man your character is formed by looking to Jesus. 

So that was straight to the point 🙂 
I’m wishing you all a joyful crossover into the new year and an exceptional 2016 ahead.

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love you!

The Road To For Better

Marriage has been on my mind lately. Not because I’m getting married soon but then again soon can be in a blink of an eye and a lot had led me to pray concerning different things. When I pray, things cross my mind that I like to share and this is how I understand it. Also, I pray that God will give me the grace to understand more and really hold on to His word.

Now we cannot talk about what God has said without referring to His Word:

1 Corinthians 3:11
For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

In marriage, there is only one foundation that needs to be laid and that foundation is on Christ. Any other foundation that you build on is going to cause you to loose your house when the storms come (Matthew 7:25-27).
A lot of marriages and families are built on artificial stuff and when troubles and tribulations and misunderstanding come, it is “to your tent oh Israel”.

Secondly, woman oh woman, how powerful you are! Some women don’t even know. You are so powerful that if you are not careful you can take a man out of the plan that God has designed for him – like Eve 👀 whoop yeah! 
It’s your assignment to help your spouse and not mislead him because of your own selfish interests. 

As a woman( let me speak for myself), I know what it means to have glistening eyes. It is easy to take advantage of a man that loves you so much to do something that he should not do and then it comes down to “it was the devil”. 
Basically what I’m trying to say is be content and have godly wisdom( There’s also the wisdom of the world).It’s very important that you use your single years to really be grounded in God’s word so that you don’t tempt your husband to the point that he has to choose between you and God. 

Men have to learn to keep their women in check and grounded. If she is doing something that is contrary to God’s word and the principles of your marriage please correct- don’t in the name of “love” cover your wife’s sin; and also, correct in love, cause even correcting your spouse can be a whole different ball game. You have to learn to let your pride down. You have to learn to listen to each other and submit to each other. 
God will help us. 

Woke Up Like Bleh…..


 Photo Creait: @realtalkkim

Hello beautiful people,

I woke up this morning praying that I do not want to marry someone I do not love. I had a dream of course. It wasn’t about flying objects but I would definitely categorize it under a nightmare because it is indeed a terrible thing to marry someone you do not love.

It starts to look like you have to do everything by compulsion. The person will fill pressurized (Not me and not you in Jesus’ name) and the person definitely would find it difficult to submit to the other person. You are not just hurting yourself, you will hurt the person you will marry, you will hurt your children and you will dent the institution of marriage which is already affected by the rate of divorce (Not me and not you in Jesus’ name).

Do not marry someone because of the person’s appearance, wealth or social status. Do not be unequally yoked; if you do not share the same beliefs or have the same goals, at least goals that meet and originate at the same thought, then really don’t force it. Do your homework well.

Cheers people 😘