Ada’s Dilemma 

They had spent the past five years of their lives planning ahead from the day they would officially say I do. They had agreed on everything: what deco was needed in the house, who will do what, who was welcome to stay with them and for how long, how many children they would have, how … Continue reading Ada’s Dilemma 


Okay think. Here I am wide awake and in the dark. The same line playing in my mind over and over again. The same thought. I do not know if I am going crazy but I am most certainly going to die…soon…if I do not do something. My husband is sound asleep beside me. He … Continue reading UNTOUCHED

The Weekend with Demiladeayo.

So for me this weekend was amazing. I could call it my post birthday weekend celebration. So rather than keeping it all to myself I have decided to tell you about it (I'm keeping it simple of course): Friday 29-04! People say the weekend starts on Friday and after work everyone is excited to chill … Continue reading The Weekend with Demiladeayo.


So, I wrote a short story today! I'm not even sure what to tittle it and might need your help with that.   Chief Akin Ojuogun sat before the medical doctor. He folded his hands over his chest and tried to show restraint although clearly discomforted about what the test results would reveal. "I'm sorry … Continue reading Conversations

Stop at nothing 3

The abrupt pause caused Mula to go slow on the chorus. In his mind, blood of Jesus was still ringing and his lips were vibrating but no sound came. He stared at his Madam. She was staring at his table but she was not blinking, her mind clearly miles away from the small congested room … Continue reading Stop at nothing 3

Stop at nothing Part 2 

Buki sighed. Finally the report was over and the slides were ready for tomorrow's presentation. She was really pushing for a promotion and a managerial position was just a pebble throw away.  She sighed again, this time out of fustration. How was she going to get home at this hour? It was 9pm. Her car … Continue reading Stop at nothing Part 2 

Stop At Nothing.

Sam crouched over the waste drum that stood outside of the office complex. He had watched from across the street as the fat lady brought out the trash and dumped it into the drum. He had waited till dark when he thought all the office people had left before heading to his newly discovered dinner … Continue reading Stop At Nothing.

We are the cause

We are the cause of our problems! We are the cause of our pain! When we speak when we dont have to Or smile too much making others take advantage of us When we try to be so perfect and refuse to share our pain When we play too much We are the cause of … Continue reading We are the cause

Blank pages…

It was either the feel of her soft milk chocolate skin between his palm or the smell of her hair beneath his nose, a smell of sweet coconut oil, but he was drawn to her. She rested her head over his bare chest with her ears pressed close to his heart. His heart was not … Continue reading Blank pages…

I love him so.

I am completely aware of Him. I am sensitive to his touch and sensitive to his voice. I feel as though if I should miss his love for even a second my heart might not take it. I need him ever close to me. All I want is to be wrapped in his arms.  He … Continue reading I love him so.