…Welcome to the 21st

I have been watching this tv show on Netflix called 'Travelers'. I am a sci-fi and action kind of girl, so Netflix added it to my suggestions list, and I decided to try it. Frankly, it's just entertainment, but I love it, and most importantly it taught me a few things. I apologize in advance … Continue reading …Welcome to the 21st


What to do with your LIFE 

You must have heard of the famous quote 'YOLO' which says You Only Live Once. This is true (Hebrew 9:27). Sometimes you lie down in bed and think "what can I do with my life?" Everyone wants to make it in life. Some people want to make a difference. Most times we know that we … Continue reading What to do with your LIFE 

Worry- Out!

   As I sat up on my bed this morning and began reading my devotional which was titled "Worry is a Waste of Time",  I came across a line that made a whole lot of impact on the way I saw worry. It read: "While we continue to function publicly there is this sinister force lurking … Continue reading Worry- Out!

Trusting-obedience by what we face. 

    I remember the Sunday I did not cover my head to go to church, sometime last month. It is mandatory for workers in my church to do so but because it wasn't really enforced in my previous parish, I took it lightly. Plus I actually didn't really see any head gear to match what … Continue reading Trusting-obedience by what we face. 

He never stopped guiding you!

My mum asked me a question this morning about the Psalm:  Psalms 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way. She asked that if God orders our steps already, why do we still pray for his guidance. In my devotion "the Word for today", there … Continue reading He never stopped guiding you!


   Can't begin to explain how excited I am to be leaving Enugu. Not because Enugu is a bad place but because there is no place like home.  I stayed at a place called Agbani in Nkanu West.I don't have a picture now but I would surely upload one when I get back to Enugu. … Continue reading Reasons