Write to heal. 

Hiii! So it’s Monday, it’s the start of a new week and I’m excited to be writing again!!!!

Where was I? 

I was running. I actually battled with admitting it but I was running because it felt like what I had planned was not happening my way. Yeah, I’m stubborn and trust me it’s not a healthy living habit. But if you can relate to this please send me an email and tell me your story maybe we can share some truths.
So I’ve not had a baby before but I understand what postnatal depression feels like. When you’ve gone through so much labouring for something and when you get it you’re just too exhausted to appreciate it. (Be grateful!!)

Ayo, what are you talking about? 

Firstly, one big mistake you can make is not to plan!!! Remember the saying “fail to plan and plan to fail”. Well, that was me at the beginning of the year. I actually had a plan though which was simple finish school well and get a job! Simple and straight forward but there’s also the saying “write the vision and make it plain”

So, advice no 1: write your vision and don’t just stick it on your wall. Instead meditate, plan, seek and ask.

Family is foundational. We’ve all got friends who at some point cross the boundary of just being friends to actually being like family. It’s important to appreciate those people in your life that you can speak to and that you can share with.

Pastor Tandoh ( at Heart Church, Nottingham) said these words about the importance of family:




Families are devoted to each other no matter the circumstance. They share together, materially and spiritually. They support each other. As a family, it’s not a love you today, hate you tomorrow pattern. It is a life of constant rhythm (day to day) devotion. These are the people that are there with you when you’re struggling.

So, who is your family? Who can you confess to when you have to? Who can you draw strength from? 

It may feel like it’s taking you forever to recover but during that period never give up. It’s like being on life support and being aware that you’re incapable of anything at this point. It’s like being aware that the world is moving on around you but you’re stuck in your bed. It’s best to take that time to rest and build your strength, ready to fight back the moment you get on your feet. It’s about accepting your predicament and preparing a story that will encourage others like you. I was doubting a lot cause I was not doing school work for 12hours in a day. I was not moving at the pace as others were. I wasn’t getting job offers and had to manage more. But all these worries are exactly what they are- worries and comparisons.

Advice: If you believe in something so much keep fighting.
We need to watch ourselves, pray, sleep, and eat. We need to connect to our source of strength if not we are going to run out and it’s going to take a while to start up again.

Follow your instincts but back it with knowledge. As an entrepreneur and what I’ve learned from marketing and innovation, drastic decisions lead to drastic failures. Even Jesus says you need to consider your options before building a house! You need to observe and have knowledge of your market before investing in it. Sometimes it’s like you want to be the first one in, you’re so positive and so sure and you pick a scripture to back it up! You can follow your instinct for something but you need to be armed with as much knowledge to go after it if not you might just be setting yourself up to fail. Bishop TD Jakes explains this in his book, ‘Instincts’.

My experience with this came when I invested some money in a business that I thought was profitable. I had seen pictures online of people rocking the native attire abroad and I wanted to sell. I wanted to do business. But on getting there the weather won’t even let me wear my own native attire, how much more the customers I was seeking to capture.

Whatever you’re planning to do, research and research and ask questions. 

I’m taking this platform to tell you to plan ahead. You don’t have to carry the burden alone, that’s why you’ve got family. There is hope to fight another day because life is a process and all you need to do is to connect to your source of strength. Lastly, be prepared!

It’s never easy to admit that you didn’t do well at something but a friend told me “write to heal”. When you’re healed you have the strength to fight another day. Never take your healing process for granted no matter how long it takes.

Fix an appointment with me every Monday!! It’s a promise and if I go missing send me an email


Okay think.

Here I am wide awake and in the dark. The same line playing in my mind over and over again. The same thought. I do not know if I am going crazy but I am most certainly going to die…soon…if I do not do something. My husband is sound asleep beside me. He is so peaceful and handsome. He is so loving. God bless him for waiting for me and for being patient for 60 years. Yes, I am freak’n 85 years old and I cannot even believe myself. Why am I still alive, what’s really my purpose? My husband seems to have one and I can’t stop myself from thinking that I am the reason he has not fulfilled that purpose. But that is my purpose right, as his wife, to help him fulfil his.


The only plan I can come up with now means I’ll have to give up my position for someone else. That will only prove my love for him, right?

I wish someone will answer my questions.

I know just the right person and am I wrong for already despising her. She is beautiful, hardworking and loyal. She knows my husband and she knows me. But what if she actually gets pregnant, what will happen to me? I know that’s kind of the point but I don’t think I can bear the humiliation. To know that it is actually me that has a problem-that I am barren.

So why am I here? What is my purpose, Lord? To be humiliated? But I am humble, right? I mean, I am willing to give up everything even my pride and position to fulfil your will.

Who said God needed help? Silence

At the first break of light, I am going to make haste. He might not like it but he won’t say no. The moment I bring her before him. He’s a man. Yeah sadly he’s a man and he won’t be able to say no because she’s so beautiful. And I am old.

I’ll wake her and say “You have lived with us since your birth. We have fed you and clothed you. We have trained your hands to work and we taught you to fear God. Now you will do this thing for me, Hagar, you will give my husband a son.”

The thought of it makes me want to throw-up. But what if he refuses and doesn’t take her. That will just increase my guilt. If I died maybe he would feel better.

Stop Thinking.

It is easier to runway from the truth and just keep living like nothing matters but eventually it does and you begin to question the purpose of life. It is at this time that some seek God. It is at this time that some take their life out of frustration. But me, I’m not doing any. I am trying to find a solution myself. I will probably fail. God never does it quickly and taking my life is cowardice. And right now my attitude is plain pride.

I am tired of pondering this path. I’ve been on it too long and God and my husband have been good enough to me. I Feel like I do not deserve it anymore. Yeah the pity. I cannot differentiate it from love anymore.


How does it feel to be without a child for so long?

What can you do to overcome the trying period?

Have you been in a similar position what is your advice?

Are you still in a similar position what is your strength?





I remember talking to an older friend who had a baby and I remembered her expressions and description of the process. A lot of procedures go into delivery and sometimes it can be a painful one. But there is also this feeling of joy and hope. From an African background, for ones family to be satisfied with the cries of a baby is peace enough. A lot of women are disrespected for their conditions. More troubling is what women go through in their mind just to see their families happy.  I called this untouched because a barren woman has not experienced the mix of pain and joy. She has not experienced the child moving around in her womb. For some the miracle is around the corner and others have moved on from the thought. This story is reaching out to women in this struggle. Also this story is about purpose. For a single person, the physical reward of a life well served can be a struggle if not received when expected. We begin to question and doubt our faith and purpose in life. We begin to feel that matters should be handled by our own hands. But eventually we fail. ‘Life is not a sprint, it is a marathon.’  With hard work comes perseverance.

Starting the New Year with an Award


HAPPY NEW YEAR once again! This is officially the first post this year and if you are new I welcome you!!! I am really humbled because I’ll be kicking off the year with an award I got nominated for by my dear friend Seun. She also has a blog ganaijachic so please do visit her page.

I was so excited about the ‘Mystery Blogger Award’ but like every award, there is a lot attached to it and I accept the challenge!!!!!

So I want to, first of all, thank ganaijachic for this award and I also want to acknowledge the founder of the award Okota Enigma for thinking of something like this. It is a way to inspire bloggers even as they inspire others.

Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion.
Okoto Enigma


  1. Put the award logo/image on your blog
  2. List the rules.
  3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
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  8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
  9. Share a link to your best post(s)

SO…….to Rule Number 5!


I am a foodie but not in the way you think. I just like staring at good food. Is that weird?





I love babies- under the age of two. If you’re 3 years old and above you are technically a mature child.





And I love to sing because I love to worship God. (I Just think Michelle Obama is cool)





This is a list of people that inspire me, that I want to encourage and that I associate with. And the nominees are…..

Tuke’s Quest


The Pearl Sisters



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The Girlfriend Blog

Seun asked some questions that I want to address before listing mine.

I was asked:

1) Weird Question: If I appeared right in front of you right now, what would your first word be?

A: Hey Girl!

2) Favorite song at the moment and why?

A: ‘Like Oil‘ it’s about giving total praise to God regardless of how crazy one might look because God is wiser than the foolishness of man and he deserves all our praise!!!!!

3) What are your ‘can’t do without’ items?

A: My Phone *tears

4) One word that describes you.

A: Beautiful

5) What’s your blogging motivation?

A: Don’t give up cause someone’s life depends on your words of encouragement and inspiration

Now my questions for my nominees……

  1. What motivated you to start a blog
  2. Blogging secret
  3. What is your advice for me!
  4. Vision 2017
  5. Imagine your eye colour was an acronym what will it mean?


The Leading Post is Dream Girl or God’s will

The one I like the most because it describes my purpose is Build Up

I’m pretty sure we are all going to have an exciting new year! I am so looking forward to sharing it with you.



Last post of the year is out!!!!. Can’t believe it’s just 2 days left and it’s been a whole 363 days. Wow God is good! Cough* let me preach small! 
It’s been a wonderful and fulfilling year. What I’ve learnt right is that God has me exactly where he wants me to be. We all make plans and sometimes it’s happens and sometimes it doesn’t work out. As Long as Oluwa is involved there is no such thing as failure or defeat. There is just a time for everything, a time to be prepared, a time to be patient. God always wants us to be ready and be prepared but it doesn’t mean we are the ones fighting the battle. On many occasions the Israelites where armed and ready but it wasn’t the drawing of their sword that won the battle. It was mostly their praise, the lifting up of their hands and the presence of God. 2016 started great. The middle year started showing off some challenges and the latter was life trying to snuff out the little light of hope we had going. But it’s a lie and an illusion because the word says “the glory of the latter will be greater than the past glory” 
2 days to go but I believe there’s a miracle round the corner for someone. I believe there’s a miracle in store for my nations. I believe there is trouble and confusion round the corner for our enemies and I believe there is victory for everyone on the Lord’s side. 
My 2016 sixteen miracles where awesome: 

2 of the teachers in my class and teenage department in church both dedicated their babies.  Everyone safe and everyone full of joy. 

It’s been such a pleasure this year working with the teenagers at RCCG City of Joy, Nigeria. They’re such a blessing. It was good to just pour out all I know to these children and to be an instrument of God and of peace for them. Even joining choir for the short time I did- I just know they’re missing me 😂

My writing took a great turn this year. Tried something new with screen writing and was rewarded by BETA association. 😍 and I believe God is using this blog platform to bless people. I cannot even skip out to announce I actually recorded two songs. They aren’t out yet cause school carried me away but hopefully 2017 wouldn’t pass me by. 

Mum finally started working for herself and has started account auditing for private organizations and has started baking (she makes lovely carrot cake, orders on me lol) 

Dad is as fabulous as always and is an excellent Pastor and Engineer recognized by international bodies and writing stuff that are too long for me to read. I think I got my writing skills from him. 

So many testimonies! So many people I’ve met and some I have accepted into my life after holding them at arms length for so long. 

Just thank God for his growth and for you reading this right now!!!! 


Madness, Wisdom and the Purpose of Life.


King Solomon was a mad man!

That was the first thing I thought as I read over the chapter of Wisdom. How could a man so wise say things that made absolutely no sense? Or am I the foolish one? There was one thing I could relate to however and it was the fact that everything is meaningless. And it is! But………without God. God is the one who gives everything in life a meaning. No matter how we choose to define it for ourselves there is only so far we can get to and not look mad like Solomon. Wisdom is unsearchable and like Job said the only definition for wisdom is in the fear of God. Life isn’t so tough but it is the way we have defined it by our own perspective that makes it appear so.  If Jesus said he has come to give us life and that we should have it abundantly then it must definitely not be a bad thing. God looked at everything and said it was good. How would all these things, the mountains and the trees; the fishes in the seas, be meaningless? How could technology and white collar jobs be meaningless? It might be meaningless because we cannot fathom God’s purpose. Gosh! Now I hope I don’t sound disillusioned.

Worldly Wisdom + Overthinking= Tough Life

Vs 28- This only I have found: God created mankind upright, but they have gone in search of many schemes”

Life may seem tough right now because you are going in search of many schemes (which can mean anything to you). I personally do not know what you’re searching for. I know one thing that is common to all and that is the search for eternity (Ecclesiastes 3:11). We want to live long and live better. We want to enjoy the moments of our lives. We want to go to Mars! Never satisfied and always pressing on. We think we know it all. We want to make a difference. We want to dominate.  There is nothing wrong with desiring the best.  What is wrong is that whatever we seek to achieve outside of God is corrupted.  We will only meet with worrisome results. The purpose of life is to:

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto you.”

-Matthew 6:33

Let me share my personal experience with you. I had all these questions about wisdom and purpose. I was frustrated that my questions were not quite answered. For how many years now it seemed like I was still searching. You could say I was in search of many schemes. While waiting for service to start in church, I read Ecclesiastes 7. I was going to read anyway at home but because I had spare time I just decided to read through. So like I said earlier I thought Solomon was mad! His wisdom probably made him go knots. But during the service, while our youth pastor was preaching, she said something that I linked to Solomon’s words:

“If you have gotten to the end of your journey then you should be in heaven! But because you are still here on earth then you are still growing, there is still so much to do. Don’t worry about who you are and how God is going to use you, all you have to say is yes.”

In other words figuring everything out is not the way to get through life because you cannot. It is definitely not wisdom. Trying to do this only brings you to the point where life is tough and meaningless. All you have to say is yes to God. All we have to do is:

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto you.”

-Matthew 6:33

Sometimes you can feel you are running out of time and you have not accomplished so much that you want to.  But just like there’s time for everything, there is also time for everyone. The time God called Joshua is completely different from when God called Samuel. The circumstances of Moses was completely different from that of Elisha. While some are running from their purpose some are earnestly chasing after it. Don’t be too much in a rush, trust that God’s timing is the best. Be patient and be prepared so that when the trumpet sounds you will be ready to seize the opportunity. That is the trumpet of your destiny but there is also the trumpet of your life. You have to know what you are living for on earth so that you will know what you will receive after your time here on earth.


The conclusion of the matter is that true wisdom comes from fearing God. Fearing God and seeking him is a clear path to fulfilling destiny. Your destiny does not end here on earth but in Heaven.



“God understands the way to it and he alone knows where it dwells……….And he said to the human race, ‘The fear of the Lord- that is wisdom……” Job 28:23; 28 (NIV)

“…….I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” John:10:10 (ESV)

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NIV)

Last Month Bants

….And it’s DECEMBER!!!!



(Bells Ringing; Chimes Chiming!)

I’m really excited about the new year and I’m so grateful to God for 2016. I want to say a special thank you to my subscribers, followers, my friends and family. God bless you all and may this month be a glorious month for you.

So this is blog has officially been running for two years and it’s been an encouraging medium to reach many people from all over. Let’s review the highlights together:

Best Moments on the Blog

Dream Girl or God’s Will

First Blog Post

Confess, A Short Story

First Audio Message

Things Will Get Better

There is definitely so much more because ‘Demiladeayo’ has featured other bloggers and has been featured on other blogs too!

This has been a great platform to inform, bless and uplift people.

Question of the Day.

What do you hope to see on the blog next year?

Request of the Year.

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It makes me so happy when people subscribe because I know that what I’m doing here is influencing you and I can always follow up on you. If you need help you can also easily email me.



I am not going to say much because I also want to know the highlights of your year. I want to learn from you and I’m sure other viewers can learn too so do leave a comment below.


This is by no means the last post of the year so do not forget to subscribe so that you do not miss out. I am looking forward to having 2017 as the year of freebies for my subscribers *wink.

Final Words:

(Just have to pitch in some inspirational stuff cause I know someone out there needs it)



*The ‘missing in time of need’ kind of love* 

Love is a foundation you should build on. Learn how:


As I write this post I’ll be taking most of my quotes from the open heavens devotional on ‘who is my neighbor?’ You might have seen my blog tittle and thought how does this apply to me (tempted to skip)? but it does so keep reading! I had the same reaction when I came across this heading in my devotional. I immediately thought ‘this heading isn’t catchy enough, let me read something else’. That was the first thing I noticed as I reflected afterwards. When we see ‘neighbor’ or ‘giving’ we have the urge to look somewhere else; we feel we’ve heard it all before. We may assume that ‘there is no gain in this for me so it doesn’t affect me.’ But most of us like myself are falling for the ‘missing in time of need kind of love’ syndrome.

As I closed the pages to look for another…

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*The ‘missing in time of need’ kind of love* 

As I write this post I’ll be taking most of my quotes from the open heavens devotional on ‘who is my neighbor?’ You might have seen my blog tittle and thought how does this apply to me (tempted to skip)? but it does so keep reading! I had the same reaction when I came across this heading in my devotional. I immediately thought ‘this heading isn’t catchy enough, let me read something else’. That was the first thing I noticed as I reflected afterwards. When we see ‘neighbor’ or ‘giving’ we have the urge to look somewhere else; we feel we’ve heard it all before. We may assume that ‘there is no gain in this for me so it doesn’t affect me.’ But most of us like myself are falling for the ‘missing in time of need kind of love’ syndrome.

As I closed the pages to look for another devotional that is more “touching” I felt the need to go back so I opened it again.  But before starting I prayed (which I didn’t do the first time) that God should open my heart to receive the message he had for me through the help of the Holy Spirit. We need to be open to receive from God always.

Luke 10:30-31

Jesus replied, “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and he fell among robbers, who stripped him and beat him and departed, leaving him half dead. Now by chance a priest was going down that road, and when he saw him he passed by on the other side.”

The passage was taken from Luke 10:30-31. Jesus spoke this parable to explain how we should behave towards our neighbors. That is both our brothers and strangers. In the passage a priest passed by, then a Levite, but these two people did the same thing- they crossed to the other side of the road.

As I read this I began to recall experiences when I deliberately walked to the other side of the road to avoid a beggar or someone I knew would beg me for something. I recalled when someone asked me for 100Naira and I said I didn’t have but I had a 1000Naira note and felt it was too much to part with. I have to admit that I felt sad as I recalled.

As you know (or you are just knowing) love is a foundation. Relationships, goals and life in general built on this foundation are strong, sustainable and yield eternal reward.  The love of God is in us because God is in us but this loves needs to abound. That is it needs to be demonstrated practically if not it can wax cold. The Samaritan man was seen as someone who wasn’t “Christ like”, maybe he didn’t even have a religion but he had a heart of giving and helping. There are so many examples of people with such characters these days and yet don’t believe that God exists.

We can see the impartial loving nature of God as He blesses the righteous and the wicked. You can say that the priest and Samaritan more or less were both blessed. The Samaritan might have even been more wealthy cause while the others were walking he had a donkey! We also shouldn’t restrict our love to our families, friends and members of the same religion alone. It’s common to feel that you do not have to help a person simply because you do not know them but Jesus commands otherwise.

At every given time, you must help those you come across to the best of your ability. When it becomes necessary, you must go the extra mile to show love to people, regardless of whether they deserve it or not. – Pastor E.A Adeboye

Another problem around love and giving is fear and greed and this can be demonstrated in the passage below:

1 John 4:18

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.

From warnings like ‘be careful when you are helping people on the road’, I began to categorize every beggar under potential danger zone. The feeling not to give comes from a feeling of fear- “What if something happens to me?” and greed- “how much will I have left?” . Jesus Christ came in contact with people with epilepsy, the blind, the leprous, even the demon possessed people of which ritualists fall under. Nothing happened to him, he was victorious and drew more men unto himself.

Perfect love.

There were so many people at the pool of Bethesda that needed help but Jesus only went to one. Jesus didn’t heal everyone. There were probably so many sick people in the land but only a few had faith enough to approach him.
You don’t have to help the whole world, the savior has taken care of that but don’t cast anyone out.

Lastly, we should remember that strife, division, condemnation, envy and jealousy are not reflections of the mind of Christ and definitely not reflections of love.

If there’s anything to remember after reading this post it is:

1. Love is a foundation you should build on and to do so you need to build your life on Christ.

2. Let your love abound to all; both practically and impartially.

3. Replace fear and greed with love and cheerful giving.

4. Christ has done it all so all you have to do is be an example and an instrument of his love.
Do your best to give yourself and add value to someone. All you have to do is extend your heart and your hand and in fact your whole being. Also you never know who is watching so be a good and cheerful giver. 



1 Corinthians 10:23

Do All to the Glory of God

“All things are lawful,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful,” but not all things build up.

Through our continuous relationship and fellowship with God, through prayer and the study of God’s word, we soon realize that it’s not everything that’s meant for us. 
Everything good comes from God but it doesn’t mean that it is what is required to fulfill God’s will for our lives. 

James 1:17

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

Using myself as an example there are so many things I want to learn. So many skills I want to acquire and so many jobs I want to do. But then I realized that in pursuit of one opportunity I don’t have time to focus on that which I already have and end up running down on deadlines. While trying to acquire one skill set I abandon another. But my strong skill points are that I’m hard working and present my work accurately. I’m also a good team player and have good research skills(Trying to sell myself here 😁)

More important than getting everything and anything that we ever wanted is fulfilling the will of God because it is in doing this that we  get the satisfaction that we deserve and desire. We search for this satisfaction in other things but  we should be looking to the one who is the author of our plans in the first place. 
Proverbs says that many are the plans in a man’s heart but it the will of the Lord that prevails. Doesn’t this describe how frustrated we feel when we can’t get things done? When all our dreams and aspirations don’t come through as we want. It can be frustrating. But perhaps it wasn’t God’s will in the first place. 
But rather than fretting over what is God’s will or not the simple thing is to know that God is always working things out. So whether we fight or not what He desires for us will come to pass as long as we study the word and obey His instructions. He is working in us to do His will. 

 Psalms 143:10

Teach me to do your will, for you are my God! Let your good Spirit lead me on level ground!

Sometimes we just have to let go of those things that we feel are legitimately ours. Abraham had to send away Ishmael. Ishmael was his legitimate son but he was not what God had planned for Abraham. If Sarah had not complained Ishmael may perhaps have still lived in the house but it doesn’t change the fact that he was not necessary to God’s plan. It was something that happened and later on birth liabilities. But God is always faithful and He kept his promise to raise a nation for Himself. Nothing could have changed that. So we have to make a conscious effort to do away with some things although having them might not seem wrong. 
What we focus on, if we examine ourselves closely, are things that would either boost our egos or add money to our pockets. We have to often count as a loss (take no consideration to) what we have to follow after God’s plan and purpose for our lives.

It’s actually never easy. It can even be a bit confusing. But studying the word of God will always let you know what to do and when. When to relax and when to be working. When to celebrate and when to be humble. God can even use our mistakes to birth miracles. 
God is amazing because there is nothing we do that goes unrewarded. But of what benefit is it if it has nothing to do with God’s will. 

Proverbs 14:23

In all toil there is profit,but mere talk tends only to poverty.

But I do think it’s better to be doing something good than to be doing something wicked. Everything we do has a reward so if we do evil we’ll definitely reap from that also. There are only two sides to be concerned about when it comes to fulfilling God’s will: judgment for the wicked and blessing for the righteous.

“GOD made everything with a place and purpose; even the wicked are included—but for judgment.”

Proverbs 16:4 MSG

My point in summary is that we should focus on doing God’s will because that is where satisfaction in life comes from and that’s when we get to enjoy the benefits of what we’ve reaped.

I was praying when all this came to me so definitely I’m not an exception. I have to work on my focus as well. Everything we need has been provided, it’s in knowing why they are there that we’ll effectively and efficiently use them. But God is there to help. 

‘If the purpose of a thing is not known then abuse is inevitable.’


What I learned from watching Pixels 




Photocredit: imgflip.com


Ideas are formed in our minds over time and are as a result of our thoughts. What we think about is as a result of what information we receive. By Judging the quality of our thoughts we can either add value or not. But no information is completely lost but can remain dormant if not applied. 

While studying, soaking in all the information about climate change and its effect on our environment, a thought came to my mind. On one hand or rather with my two ears I was listening to music on my laptop and reading at the same time. It occurred to me how relevant this music is to me at this moment. However I thought if there will be any need for this kind of music in the future if sadly all our fears about global warming came to pass.

So back to the pixels movie. If you haven’t watched it, it’s about aliens invading earth from an idea they got from a video game. Totally crazy movie(and critics don’t like it) but I was able to learn from it. I didn’t get the idea right away but it came as I was studying.

Firstly we can learn from anything. As I stated earlier not all knowledge is irrelevant. The instructions parents give to their children might seem annoying at some stage but eventually form a foundation for their role in society. In school it feels as though most of the information given by our lecturers are irrelevant in the job field. But it takes wisdom to identify good counsel and good counsel can come from even the most unexpected places or people. Listening to and accepting such counsel will make you even wiser.

Secondly what may seem irrelevant now in terms of career might become relevant in the future. Taking a look at technology for example and how IT has really developed. These days the digital industry is booming and engineering which was once an ideal career choice is slowly being taken for granted. But the amazing thing is things can change so don’t take what you do for granted.

Another thing I’ve learned is that your family, friends and the connections you make are important.  They out rank the wealth, position or material resources you can acquire. In times of trouble it is who you know that counts more than what you have.

Lastly there is always a time and a place for everyone in this life. It’s easy to look down on yourself if you feel you’re not being recognized or acknowledged but it so important to believe in yourself if no one else will. Man can only take what man has given you but when God favors you or blesses you there is nothing man can do to take that away from you. I don’t think I learned that from pixels but it’s a true fact. Simply look to God for your desires rather than looking to man to solve all your problems.

In a world that’s changing socially, climatically and politically, the only hope you have is God and family (those who will stand by you, for you and with you). We learn every day, let’s not take it for granted.