Lyrics – You are Good

Let every breath sing forth your praise  Let every heart be lifted up All of the earth join to proclaim You are good Hosts of Heaven bow in Praise To the King of glory‘s name And we’ll all join to proclaim You are good (verse)   Let the redeemed of the Lord say so That … Continue reading Lyrics – You are Good

Help! I failed my driving test!

  Help! I failed my driving test! When I got home and fell unto my bed, I felt so drained. So rather than sulking and crying about it, I decided to channel all that energy (not that I actually had any) into writing this post. What were my faults Observation Hesitation Timing I was guttered … Continue reading Help! I failed my driving test!

I am a TV

  As I lay in my bed in deep sleep, the words suddenly hit me. I can’t remember what I was dreaming about but the words never left me. I was prompted to wake up and write it down. So I did. ‘TV’I visualized an actual television like most people would. There was one I … Continue reading I am a TV

The Umbrella Academy

Hey guys, it’s been raining so much lately, and ‘umbrella’ has been on my mind a lot. I bought an umbrella on Saturday because I misplaced the one I had. I also just finished the first season of this tv show called ‘the Umbrella Academy’ My last post was about the ‘Travelers’ which was a … Continue reading The Umbrella Academy

…Welcome to the 21st

I have been watching this tv show on Netflix called 'Travelers'. I am a sci-fi and action kind of girl, so Netflix added it to my suggestions list, and I decided to try it. Frankly, it's just entertainment, but I love it, and most importantly it taught me a few things. I apologize in advance … Continue reading …Welcome to the 21st


'Raindrops' is a short story co-written by myself and a friend of mine. His website link is ----> Please visit his page. Also, make sure you like both posts.😉   'Raindrops' Your actions are like a raindrop; it falls into the pond making ripples and then its over. -Sarah Dessen     The sound … Continue reading Raindrops

Consuming Fire Sweet Perfume

Sometime before Christmas, I got a gift from my 'secret Santa' that included a sleep mask, pillow spray, bath foam, lotion, and scented candles. The song 'Bow Down' by Bishop Paul Morton had been on my mind for a while. These exact words playing over and over - Consuming fire, sweet perfume Your awesome presence … Continue reading Consuming Fire Sweet Perfume

Something borrowed and something new

In a haste, while looking for what to wear to work on the last day of December 2018, I decided to wear a shirt a dear friend of mine had lent me a few months back. She had convinced me to stay at hers although I did not plan for it and I had nothing … Continue reading Something borrowed and something new

…Did you know?

Sooo Christmas is tomorrow ooo.. Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for being a part of this wonderful blog throughout the year!!!I really want to know what everyone is up to for the holiday season! Traveling? Family time? Parties?? (Leave a comment) Well, one thing I love about Nigeria is that we are the best at … Continue reading …Did you know?


Romans 13:14 Put on the Lord Jesus Christ... It's been almost a year since I graduated from the University of Nottingham and I was looking back at my pictures. I remember having on a white dress on the day with my black gown over it so of course, everything was fine. I wore that dress … Continue reading White