Not all choices

    Tyranny of the Urgent by Charles Hummel Ironically, the busier we get, the more we need these periods (periods to evaluate and plan effectively for the future)—and the less we seem able to schedule them. We become like the fanatic who, unsure of his direction, doubles his speed. Time to Focus by Demiladeayo … Continue reading Not all choices

Snakes and Ladders

It is the Easter season and a time to mark the remembrance of our Lord Jesus and the sacrifice that he made on the cross. You probably find it strange that I chose to title this post snakes and ladders. It is a cool title but is significant to our discussion. Like the game, the … Continue reading Snakes and Ladders

The Watcher

I started a book with a friend of mine titled Pursue the Intentional Life by Jean Flemming. We started it to encourage each other to complete a number of books in the year, share our thoughts and grow spiritually. From the name, it’s a book that drives you to be conscious about the decisions you … Continue reading The Watcher


Whooh I can’t believe it’s the first of February!! Happy new month everyone. So, January was an interesting month: A month of goal setting and planning, new resolutions and everything new. I learnt a lot in January, many new lessons and old mistakes. A friend of mine wrote on her status “Thank God the ‘year’ … Continue reading Foundations


Let me start by wishing you all a happy new year!!! If you’re reading this blog then there’s definitely a reason to be grateful cause you’re alive. My last post was about getting ready. This post should come before the last one because Set comes before ready in a normal race... right? Either way if … Continue reading Set…

Get Ready

We are one week into the month already but still HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!! Can’t believe we just have one month to go, honesty 😢 Speaking of a new month, God laid a new theme for the month on my heart and clearly from the title of the post it is -Get Ready!! I am sharing … Continue reading Get Ready

The ‘Christ’ Way

  Great News!!!! It is another audio message (dancing!!) Second great news.....(drum roll)....I have joined the extraordinary league of the working class. And that's what brings us to our discussion today. I work currently work for an energy supplier called Octopus energy and we have an acronym which we call the 'octopus energy way' that … Continue reading The ‘Christ’ Way


I'm not saying it's a Nigerian thing but has it happened that when a stranger touches you, the first instinct is to plead the blood of Jesus and start rebuking every curse from your life. Or maybe it's just me or maybe you see it as being too religious. And you're right. Cause the truth … Continue reading Contact-phobia

Barbecue Talent

I recently attended a barbecue (bbq) party at my friend’s house and it was a wonderful experience. About a week later an illustration was revealed to me while praying. 2 Timothy 1:6- For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of … Continue reading Barbecue Talent

Iyanu: Our miracle of enduring substance by Tamilore

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a minute and I have missed you dearly.
It’s time to share a wonderful story I read on a blog my loved one shared with me. For me, it tells of how much God loves us and how our relationship with him should be.

I remembered how on one of my Whatsapp group chats a friend made a comment. He said “Many of us put our expectation within our means, that is not faith. Many ask God for puff-puff, chin-chin, sweet and yoghurt. What about asking God to make you the World Richest because we need cash for mission works?” Another friend of mine replied by saying that God cares about the ‘small stuff’ in our lives as much as the big stuff.

Both statements are very true. But, in reading this message I’ve come to understand that God doesn’t just want to bless us so that we can be satisfied. He wants to bless us so that we can be a blessing. Asking for the big stuff shows our mentality beyond ‘self’ and shows our desire to be used by God. In the big things we ask for, most definitely the small things will be taken care off and often will have to be addressed first before the ‘big things’ can manifest.
Enjoy the wonderful lessons from this story.


The Love Of My Being


Once upon a time, a little boy named Igbagbo walked down a street called Aye. On that street, he met a kind old lady called Ara. She gave him a piece of candy. It was the milkiest ball of chocolate he had ever seen, covered in golden sugar flakes that made Igbagbo’s mouth water.

Excited, Igbagbo accepted Ara’s candy. As quickly as he ate it, he realized that the candy was awefully bitter.  It made no sense! He wanted to protest but Ara had disappeared.

Dejected, Igbagbo abandoned his journey and headed back home.  Somewhere along the way, he met another old lady called Iyanu. She showed him her candy.  Afraid of being deceived again, Igbagbo rejected it.  Besides, her candy looked mundane, there was no way it could have been sweet.

Iyanu had known that Igbagbo would reject her candy. So, she asked him, “Would you trust my candy if I…

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