No More Crumbs

Happy Good Friday!! Sometimes I wonder what’s so good about this Friday since it’s the day of the remembrance of the death of our Lord Jesus. But it’s good because we know that Jesus rose again. His story did not end in the grave and neither would ours. It’s easy to give up when challenges … Continue reading No More Crumbs


…Did you know?

Sooo Christmas is tomorrow ooo.. Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for being a part of this wonderful blog throughout the year!!!I really want to know what everyone is up to for the holiday season! Traveling? Family time? Parties?? (Leave a comment) Well, one thing I love about Nigeria is that we are the best at … Continue reading …Did you know?

Apple Pancake Inspiration

Today is Apple Pancake Inspiration Launch Day (A.P.R.I.L.) April is also my birthday month (just slipping it in there). I remember my first food recipe post on this platform which was about puff puff. This experience is definitely a success compared to that and I want you to really try this out. So what's this … Continue reading Apple Pancake Inspiration

The Weekend with Demiladeayo.

So for me this weekend was amazing. I could call it my post birthday weekend celebration. So rather than keeping it all to myself I have decided to tell you about it (I'm keeping it simple of course): Friday 29-04! People say the weekend starts on Friday and after work everyone is excited to chill … Continue reading The Weekend with Demiladeayo.

My famous American Biscuits!! 

Okay so I love Agege bread(locally freshly baked Nigerian bread)- who doesn't? I'm sure you're wondering what that has to do with my recipe today and I'm about to tell you! So I didn't have bread today. I was hungry and there was nothing I could find appealing in the house to eat. Plus I … Continue reading My famous American Biscuits!! 

Puff puff for the ladies 😂

I made puff puff today for the first time and I was pretty excited. But this experience turned out to be the battle of the puff puff you anticipated versus the puff puff you waka come (came up) with. Wanted to post the recipe here as a way to also promote my blog so you … Continue reading Puff puff for the ladies 😂