The Well

Happy Valentine's Day. Let's talk about SATISFACTION. Check out this post!

Like My Father

Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers and soon to be Fathers around the globe. 👏🏾👏🏾 Enjoy this short bedtime read about the attributes of a Father like no other - God. This month I’ve been studying identity in line with the creation story. On the 6th day, God created man which meant that my … Continue reading Like My Father

Dream Girl or God’s will

Hey!!! It's always great to have friends that would send you wonderful messages that open your eyes to new things🙈 I decided to share this with you. Two different people sent me messages on two different days on relationships. The second message was something I had come across while listening to one of Myles Munroe's … Continue reading Dream Girl or God’s will

The Road To For Better

Marriage has been on my mind lately. Not because I'm getting married soon but then again soon can be in a blink of an eye and a lot had led me to pray concerning different things. When I pray, things cross my mind that I like to share and this is how I understand it. Also, … Continue reading The Road To For Better

Woke Up Like Bleh…..

   Photo Creait: @realtalkkim Hello beautiful people, I woke up this morning praying that I do not want to marry someone I do not love. I had a dream of course. It wasn't about flying objects but I would definitely categorize it under a nightmare because it is indeed a terrible thing to marry someone … Continue reading Woke Up Like Bleh…..

A Lady and Her ‘Right’ Man.

It is easy for us as ladies to get into very wrong relationships especially when we focus on the wrong things. We always want the perfect guy but we never take our time to analyse who we are diving in with. As a lady, I usually ask- how would I know the right man?   … Continue reading A Lady and Her ‘Right’ Man.