Stirred Up!

There are two kinds of people. Those that see when you’re calm and remain calm and those that see when you’re calm and still choose to be anxious. Right now, the whole world is going through a storm with the COVID-19 virus spread. The scriptural label for it is the perilous pestilence (Psalm 91). When … Continue reading Stirred Up!

Madness, Wisdom and the Purpose of Life.

King Solomon was a mad man! That was the first thing I thought as I read over the chapter of Wisdom. How could a man so wise say things that made absolutely no sense? Or am I the foolish one? There was one thing I could relate to however and it was the fact that … Continue reading Madness, Wisdom and the Purpose of Life.

4 Things to do when you’re having a hard time

  Good Evening ☔️ Trust you had a sweet rocking weekend like mine. So many testimonies 🙈🙊. Really thank God. So I was chatting with a wonderful brother of mine all the way in Ghana and it got to a point that he told me that he was having a hard time with his faith … Continue reading 4 Things to do when you’re having a hard time

Because He Lives

  Happy Easter to you and your family! The Easter Holiday has been really restful and I've kind of missed work. But Jesus is the reason for the season always and because he lives there is so much we get to enjoy:                          Created Anew  … Continue reading Because He Lives

God’s way; Through the wilderness. 

I asked the Lord to take me through the wilderness. By that I'm sure you can tell how desperate I was. I knew that that decision could only be made by Him and at His time but I was at a point that I felt I needed to be groomed for further greatness. I had … Continue reading God’s way; Through the wilderness. 

Fighting the Wrong Battle.

   Issues arise in every area of life: in jobs, in relationships, in families, e.t.c  I was watching the movie War Room with my mum and cousin the other day and the main lesson behind the story was being aware of your real enemy and fighting this enemy, the Devil, in the place of prayer. … Continue reading Fighting the Wrong Battle.

Walking before…

Hey beautiful,  Trust your weekend was amazing. To be alive today is enough to be thankful.    Just as it is important to follow Jesus it is also very important to walk before him.  Genesis 17:1 When Abram was ninety-nine years old the Lord appeared to Abram and said to him, “I am God Almighty; … Continue reading Walking before…

Your Mess-Age

 Amazing!! Can you perceive it? 2016 is going to be an amazing year! And of course today being the first Monday I'm not wasting anytime with the first post of the year!    Everyone has been called by God to proclaim something- to deliver a message. There are things that we have been through at … Continue reading Your Mess-Age

When the going gets tough. 

Good morning beautiful, Hope your Christmas was fun, interesting and victorious. Heard a lot that went down this Christmas season and the truth is that we just have to be thankful no matter what. Only the living can praise God.  Job 1:9 Then Satan answered the Lord and said, “Does Job fear God for no … Continue reading When the going gets tough. 

All Hail! 

  Morning Beautiful. I have to admit that preparing for today was such a trial but in everything we rejoice. I rejoice more in the hope that God is about to do something great today and reveal something to you. Be expectant today. Love you. As I lay in bed two nights ago, I pictured … Continue reading All Hail!