Son of Man; Son of God 

   Do you know that you are a son of God- or daughter of God. One way or the other our linage leads back to the first son of God, Adam. The first man created when God made the earth.  Luke 3:23-38 And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as … Continue reading Son of Man; Son of God 

Beautiful Beginnings 

I've been thinking of business ideas lately. And it seems like I keep hitting this brick wall. Getting discouraged. Can I make it? Then something flashed across my mind... We recently cleared the garden in the house and we've been waiting to grow some plants on it. I don't know how long the plants have … Continue reading Beautiful Beginnings 

Take Time…

Do you take time to listen - To hear the tears hidden in his solemn words ? Do you take time to observe - To see the marks hidden behind the perfect contours of her makeup ? Do you take time to pray - Or are you caught up in the things you are yet … Continue reading Take Time…

The Visitor

"Knock! Knock!" "Who is that?" "I am Love." "Love who?" "Love Yourself." "Who are you looking for?" "You!" "Why...." "Because you stare at yourself in the mirror every morning and you see a mouse - so little and fragile; not wanted and not respected. You feel dirty; you feel alone; you feel you have to … Continue reading The Visitor


I don't know what you're going through but I'm guessing it's pretty bad and no one understands. I'm struggling too.. I don't know which is best.. To cut myself with a blade and let the pain soothe me; at least that kind of pain can be defined🔪🔫... Do I get high? Weed is good I'll … Continue reading TRUTH!


In Acts 1: 15-26, Peter identified that it was written in scripture that someone would replace the one who betrayed Jesus aka Judas, but the disciples didn't just sit around and do nothing or wait for a replacement to magically appear. They selected two people who had been with them, prayed and cast lots. Some … Continue reading Act