Hello Ayo,

I am Gabriel, not sure you could remember me. I met you once in a Library, KNUST.
Bible study is just my thing,  sometimes when I forget the verse, I just type a line I know  in Google and find the verse.
Last week ,one evening I was doing same thing when I  discovered your blog site  http://demiladeayo.com . I read, read and read.  At first it didn’t even occur to me that I know you until I saw your picture on the blog about your weekend and then an event where you became the photographer.
I was very very inspired and not only that I  am blessed too just by by reading your blog and that was even before it occurred to me  that I knew you  and after it does,  I was more than  amazed and I was like, I have to contact you. When I  clicked on Contact,  your message there, to me it’s like you wanted to hear from  me even more than I  do. God bless you just for who you are , an inspiration….



Gabriel Dzukey