What to do when you’re having a bad day

Yeah you might have guessed right that I WAS having a bad. And I would explain why ‘was’ is in capital letters so keep reading. 

In fact it felt like the weekend leading to today had been ‘bad’ (in a way). 
So what made today so was that it was raining and I had to go for my community development service on the Island which was a long journey for me since I stay on the Mainland and to top it off, it started raining. So I freaked out, reversed and went home cause I was skeptical about driving in the rain. The rain subsided and I tried to drive out again then my mum called that there was traffic and my CDS group member killed the ginger by saying he would have not come so I reversed again to go home only this time I ran into a Mercedes! 

It’s funny cause I was excited to have run into a Mercedes! But I was also shaken up and sad cause the car had a big dent at the back. With gloomy skies up above and a heavy heart, I lay on my bed secretly praying that my body fat would not settle and I won’t gain weight from over resting. I was feeling too down to do anything else. 

After a the gloomy events had passed I decided to write about what to do to get over a bad day: 

1. Tell God about it!

Well that’s the first on the list because it is in God’s presence that there is fullness of joy. 

2. Don’t overthink
Thinking over what caused you to be gloomy in the first place can never make things better so look on the bright side.

 3. Focus on what you love doing 
Well I love writing and telling stories so I took to doing it. It makes everything more clear and I admit funny(to me!). There might be something you love doing: reading, watching a movie, gisting with friends or driving.

4. Pamper yourself
Everything you do should be done with moderation. So while you’re pampering yourself with a snack or watching your favorite series, do it all in moderation and to the glory of God.

5. Don’t blame 
Blaming yourself or blaming others can only lead you to be depressed or upset unnecessary. So don’t point accusing fingers and don’t worry.

6. Move on 
Time waits for no man. As responsible human beings we all have things to do and having a bad day is not an enough excuse to hang up the towels(figure of speech for don’t give up).

7. Thank God 
Remember God is the beginning and the end. So you started with telling him how you felt now you can also end with thanking for how you feel now(however you feel!) 

So I hope this helps but if you have any idea on how you got over your bad day you can write it below and let someone benefit also. 


2 thoughts on “What to do when you’re having a bad day

  1. Dwight says:

    Find a good friend to chat with and give your mind a moment away from the problem… You can dance unnecessarily too. Its fun. Reverses the hormones that make your body sad and increases the “happy” hormones in your body….


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