A Time to Focus.

Distractions can be so overwhelming especially when you’ve really set out to do something. It’s really just left for you to say “No, I’m going to get done with what I have to do no matter what!”

So basically that was the challenge I was facing when preparing for today’s post. It got to a point that I was like enough sleep and enough tv- it’s time to get something done. 

Distractions come in diverse ways: 
Either we are too excited about something and forget who we are like King Ahasuerus who called his wife out to do a fashion show for his men when he was pretty drunk. We could also be too discouraged that we loose focus of what we are meant to achieve like Elijah who wanted to die because he was scared and stressed. Or we are just too comfortable like Jonah; probably thinking that everything is fine right now so no need for additional work; just need to relax. 

Either way we have to be careful to identify distractions, the devil uses cony ways to get us out of being where we have to be at the right time and doing what we ought to do. You have to remember that it’s not about you! Nope it’s about God: the job you have isn’t just so that you can make money, of cause God wants you to be wealthy but a bulk some of your time and finances are channelled towards doing His will. So be sensitive when he comes calling. Your marriage isn’t just about codling and companionship remember you’re to be fruitful and multiply; don’t be selfish about trying to keep in shape and don’t be silly about having so many children you can’t take care of. Let God lead you to grow a godly family. The friends you have aren’t just so that you can feel cool or gossip it’s so that you can sharpen each other or even win over that friend that hasn’t fully understood the love of God yet! 

We can never run away from distractions. They would always be there. There’s one thing we can do though, ask the Holy Spirit to help us to be faithful in the things we have to do and ask Him for self control in the things we need not do.
It’s all about balance. So have a balanced week!!!! And a blessed one too! 
Love you šŸ˜˜

SHARE: What other kind of distractions do you normally experience that could make you loose focus and what’s the best way to take it? 


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