I was so excited to start my weekend by attending the Writers for Profit Workshop and indeed I was not disappointed. Meeting different writers with different messages and getting different ideas was something I needed to encourage me and help me be better.

So I have nicely put together a very (very) short summary of what I learned during the Workshop. If you want to know more you can email me(Contact Page) and I’ll be glad to fill you in.

The event was hosted by Ursula Sebastien and Laiza King and we had a guest speaker- I met Steve Harris(dancing).

We opened the training with Fela Durotoye’s Gemstone Values. When I heard these values and spoke them out loud it ignited a passion in me to be dedicated not just for myself but for the lives I’m seeking to impact. So here it is:

Mine is a Generation that is Empowered, Motivated and Stirred To Operate with Natural Excellence.

This day, I hereby commit to live an exemplary lifestyle of leadership and excellence and to do all within my power to transform our country into a most desirable nation to live in.

To this end, I WILL…

  1. MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT on everyone I meet & everywhere I go.
  2. BE SOLUTIONS PROVIDER and not a part of the problem to be solved.
  3. BE ROLE MODEL worthy of emulation.
  4. BE MY BEST in all that I do particularly the things I am naturally good at.
  5. DO THE RIGHT THING at all times, regardless of who is doing the wrong thing.
  6. VALUE TIME & Make the best use of it.
  7. CARE AND SHOW RESPECT through my words and my actions.
  8. CONSCIOUSLY BUILD A GREAT LEGACY starting now, today and every day.

A lot of sacrifice, focus and money go into making an impact on lives, in business and in the world so it is only normal that a lot profit comes out of it too.

When it came to the main training session I wrote down so many things and held on to so many things but here are 11 (eleven) things I am sharing with you that anyone who wants to monetize their talent should know:

  1. Know who you are and know what you want to do
  2. Have a target audience (niche targeting)
  3. Know the need of your audience and solve a problem
  4. Create value and have consistent content
  5. Define your purpose
  6. Have a schedule to achieve that purpose or goal
  7. Value yourself and know your worth (People buy into you before they buy into what you say)
  8. Don’t be afraid to demand a fee for your valued product
  9. Differentiate between your consumers(they will like what you do and won’t pay for it) and your customers(they are your main investors and supporters)
  10. Research the work of those that have excelled before you and learn from them. Also ask for help when you need to
  11. Get rid of things that can hinder your progress(you know what you’re most vulnerable to)


Were you expecting more?

There’s plenty more information to find out if you click the follow button below. I would be able to send you an email of some other tips on how to make money doing what you love. I would definitely love to share that information with you. Also I’ve got my fingers crossed and I’m looking forward to seeing success on my part.

Do you have some tips you will like to share with me about adding value with your talent and also making money, you can comment below. Or perhaps you had a better weekend…. (I think mine was better though lol) you can also let me know below.




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