Burning Out

Hello Everyone

Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t think about this initially. I had something on my mind to write about for two weeks and I didn’t know how to put it down. Then it dawned on me that I haven’t done an audio message in a while. This audio message is basically about recovering from a ‘burn out’. What I mean by that is recovering from a low point in your life. I actually wanted to post an audio message directly from my church website, that’s Heart Church Nottingham.  I was listening to the message and it was so in line with my message for you and in fact my personal experiences. I will still put the link up so in your spare time, please listen to it.

So, speaking of low points, I am probably not the only one who has been at that point where everything is going great and things are falling in place both physically and spiritually.  But it’s like we have put in so much work into perfecting our lives that we suddenly feel exhausted.

Pastor Malcolm while speaking about the topic ‘from setback to comeback’ made reference to Elijah. He was at his high point, working miracles and doing God’s work. Then suddenly he is threatened by Queen Jezebel and it’s like “I’m going to die anyway Lord kill me!” 1 KINGS 19:1-9

I remember at the beginning of the year before and during my exams, I worked so hard because I wanted to do so well, being the ‘guru’ that I am. Once exams were over I was so exhausted, I didn’t feel like doing anything. Spiritually and physically my battery was flat.

And in speaking to her and reflecting, I realized that it usually took a while to come out of a setback stage. So in Pastor Malcolm’s message ‘from setback to comeback’, he mentioned 5 things to do to comeback from a setback.

The first thing is to Arise.  You can’t run forever. You can’t hide away forever. Elijah ran and thought dying will solve his problem but that was not the solution. That was just a lie he was feeding himself with out of fear. You need to create the right environment for yourself. What are you listening to, what is influencing your decision and your thoughts? You need to stop making excuses for remaining in the setback position. You need to step out into an environment where you can be fed with positivity and encouragement. Social Media does not- I repeat- does not help! Where does your report come from? The second thing is that the angel told him to eat. Elijah had to get up, eat and drink.

He looked around, and there by his head was some bread baked over hot coals, and a jar of water. He ate and drank and then lay down again. 1Kings 19:6

In your case it might be that you need to eat, drink, and exercise.  You need to relax and take care of yourself. Create space to groom yourself. In my case I had to fast. The first time I was low, I thought the solution was to spoil myself and do whatever will make me happy. I was eating, exercising, going out. But that was not what I needed.  Someone needs to retreat! It doesn’t mean you need to isolate yourself, because you need to be in an environment where you can be encouraged, but you may need to separate from the things of the world and focus on God.

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. 1Tim4:8

Physically Building yourself is very good. Exercise helps a lot with relaxing and de-stressing but godliness profits also. This brings me to my third point, which is, you need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Because godliness is from the Spirit of God.

Another thing is: Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit, Ephesians 5:18

Doing things that physically elevate you will only be temporary but with the Spirit of God you can be sure of a smooth constant flow.  I was turning to the wrong things like movies, food, hanging out with friends. I was doing anything to escape and ignoring the fact that I was feeling down and low.

The next thing is: You need to rest in God. One thing I failed to really do was pray and give things to God.  “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

The times I felt low, I just didn’t do anything about it. But the third time I was like no! I cannot allow sin, I cannot allow depression to hold me down. I remember praying for God’s rest and his peace. At such times it might be difficult to even pray. When I can’t pray what I do is listen to music because it helps me get into the mood of prayer.

The last thing is to let God minister to you. Most importantly you have to be open to receive from Him.

We all have that setback, low point. No one wants to admit that “I’m depressed or I’m falling back into sin.” Just because we have been Christians for so long. But we need to separate ourselves from things that set up back or refuse to let us come back.

I attended a workshop where a few things were said about order. Ordering our lives is important so we can take charge of what God wants us to do in the world. You cannot influence others if your life is not in order

I did not start writing again till end of March because I was burned out. I couldn’t influence anyone because I didn’t have anything to give. I was running away from everything. When you see yourself getting burned out, you need to come out of it and that’s what I’m talking about when I refer to the five steps:

Arise from your burnt-out situation

In my case I needed to fast, you might need to take care of yourself and eat better and take walks and go on a retreat or a vacation. Be joyful. But it’s not about being selfish and ignoring your responsibilities. No, it’s about knowing what is right.

In Proverbs 14:15 the bible says only simpletons believe everything they’re told! The prudent carefully consider their steps.

Whatever you’re doing you need to think about it. Is it in line with who I am as a child of God?  Is it in line with what God wants for me at this time?

You need to let the Holy Spirit guide you

You need to rest in God

You need to let God minister to you and you need to be open to receive from him


This is the month of May and I want to wish you a happy new month ahead.



Malcolm Baxter – From setback to comeback





2 thoughts on “Burning Out

  1. Adeyinka Adebanjo says:

    Dear Adeayo

    Thanks for this post, So many times I just keep carrying on because a lot just has to be done even though I am “burned out”. The most fascinating thing for me as you have rightly stated is letting God minister to me and resting in Him. There’s nothing as beautiful as laying all down at His feet.

    Sometimes we just need to be reminded and not get too carried away..

    Thanks once again for this post.

    Yinka Adebanjo ________________________________

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