I’m not saying it’s a Nigerian thing but has it happened that when a stranger touches you, the first instinct is to plead the blood of Jesus and start rebuking every curse from your life. Or maybe it’s just me or maybe you see it as being too religious. And you’re right. Cause the truth is my reflex should be completely different if I truly know what I carry in me. 

And so it happened to me one day that a stranger tapped my shoulder accidentally. He was an older black man. He was a bit weird to me. I was wondering why he would tap me (it was clearly a mistake) but I had already started rebuking every evil spirit. Then I started laughing at myself. 
“Greater is he that is in me” 

Jesus was never afraid to heal the sick. He placed his hands on those that were dead, those that were mad, those that had skin diseases or even diseases that couldn’t be diagnosed. When the woman with the issue of blood touched Jesus, it was power that flowed out of him into her and not the other way round. 
Demons fear to come in contact with us not the other way round, knowing well that we carry a higher power because the word says the same spirit that was in Jesus lives inside of us (Romans 8:11).

I found myself praying that this ‘mistake’ that this man made to touch me will instead transform his life. That whatever burden he was carrying before touching me will disappear. 

It’s a really simple message but not any less important to remember. Whatever you’re going through remember that the greater one lives inside of you. 

Guys, it has been really amazing. Another phase of my life complete!! (Dancing vibes). More vibrant posts coming your way.

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