Break Silence 

Stay silent and hope for the best
Stay silent and pray they are blessed
But see it doesn’t work that way-Because a closed mouth is a closed destiny
If we really want to bless our community
We have to thank God for very opportunity
Open our mouths and witness His singularity

Stay silent and hope for understanding
Stay silent and get all the answers
Well you might aswell stay silent and drown in your depression
Because your impression is a constant misinterpretation of another persons dimension

Your voice is heard and not seen
Not everyone with baggy eyes and shrunken face is a drug addict
Maybe he just worked too hard last night to put bread on the table

Let him know what is wrong
Let her know that she’s wrong
Let someone- anybody know
Cause if we keep hoping that someone will see the words hidden at the back of our mouth
Or the letters formed in our brain
Then we might as well be enemies
Silently attacking just because the other person is clueless to how you feel

Break Silence and let the Almighty turn your words to a priceless worth of awesomeness


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