Hello beautiful, it’s Monday again whoop! And the first Monday in the month of October so happy new month. Hope you had a wonderful weekend? You can let me know how your weekend went.
So today it’s all about the Detox therapy and if you don’t know what that is, it is simply getting rid of poisonous substances from your system by neutralizing them.
I attended a bridal shower on the first of October and we had a health talk. We were advised to use organic products rather than the mineral based products we normally use.

The interesting part was when the woman performed some kind of ‘magic’ by pouring iodine into two separate wine glasses that had been filled with water.

She explained that the water was our body and as babies we came into the world clean and clear.

The iodine represents the toxic stuff we take in either by what we eat or inhale or apply to our skin and the skin being porous absorbs it all in.

Then she poured a cap of pure Aloe Vera juice into one of the glasses.

Like ‘magic’ the now bronze colored contaminated water became clear again and even when the content from the second glass was poured into it, the solution still remained clear. Amazing innit. I’m sure there is some chemical explanation for this.
Now to the Truth because the Word of God is true- You can say that as new born babes coming to the world our hearts and our mind become contaminated with so many things. We call this Sin.
The first time you detox you get rid of all the dirty stuff inside of you and as you continue, you cleanse yourself and remain healthy.
The first detox you need is to give your life to Christ- Be born again! Confess Christ with your mouth and believe in your heart Romans 10:9. Then you need to constantly fellowship with God through his word.
John 17:17 says “sanctify them through thy Truth: thy word is Truth.
The word of God cleanses your heart and redirects your thinking. What is in your body determines how bad your shit will stink. What is in your heart determines what will come out from your mouth. Matt 15:17-20
The woman giving the talk mentioned that she takes the juice at least two times daily. In the morning before going to work and at night when she comes back.

Do you study the word of God?

Only on Sundays?

If you do study the Word then how often?
Let us study the Word of God day and night and be assured that whatsoever we do, we will prosper Psalm 1:2-3
To detox however, in a jug of water I add lime/lemon, cucumber, ginger and mint leaves. Stare well and keep in the fridge.

Have a lovely week.


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